Tuesday, December 16, 2008

long time!

i've been out of it to say the least! but after a long hiatus i'm finally scrapping again! here's what i've made today and yesterday

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I participated in an online crop last weekend, and one of the challenges was a contest sponsored by several scrappy companies It was merit-based and there was lots of entries... and... and... and...

And I WON!!!! here's the blurb

has teamed up with EK Success this weekend to help celebrate their Crop Scene Investigation Celebration. What we have for you is one HUMONGOUS Grand Prize, $100 worth of products from EK, K&Coand Inkadinkado!

We had some fantastic entries for this contest! I sure hope everyone takes a peek at the layouts and leaves a little praise too. The CT knocked their heads together to vote on their favorite layouts......

and the grand prize winner of the $100 prize pack is.... mamakven

Monday, November 17, 2008

a note..

Ok, only ONE More post today!!!

If you would like to see some EXCLUSIVE technique tips and ideas please check out the blog at scrappersXchange where I am on the DT! Also pay a visit to the SHOP Vivien has the BEST service and best stuff! and her prices can NOT be beat! her sales are amazing so don't forget to get on her mailing list!!

more great Christmas ideas!!

check out the crafty Christmas gift ideas at the BAD GIRLS!


New layouts

I've been busy! very very busy, BUT not too busy to scrap! NOPE! i need my sanity time more than ever!! here's a few layouts i made. If you notice, i'm getting more and more into artsy layouts... i need to get my paint out!

And this one is too funny, because my eyes are NOT green!! well, sorta i guess.. i've always considered them to be brown, the inner ring is brown the outer ring is green. Does that make them brown or green?? the ribbon, totally brings out the green!

This is a booklet my dh made when he was in Kindergarten! its TOO CUTE! it has interviews, and drawings... its really precious. I think i went overboard on the VINTAGE though, LOL

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Let's make a memory!!

Are you all familiar with Cindy rushton?? she's AWESOME, she does the best seminars! and she does these classes where you get to go to all the seminars and get lots of ebooks and extra audios. I buy almost all of them, they are about $30 a session, some are less, one a year is a bit more but its huge, but there's lots of ways to get them for less expensive. here's the next one coming up,
Let's make a memory
it looks fantastic! When you buy a ticket you get all the door prizes, ebooks, extra audio's an all that, BUT if you can't afford to, she let's you attend live for FREE!! which is AWESOME! She's so generous.

And that link above is my affiliate link, if you use it to buy a ticket, send me your reciept and your mailing address to kvenvolden@comcast.net and i'll send you a scrappy rak as a thank you for using my affiliate link :-)

Another thing to consider if money is tight is that she offers a "mommy homework" program you reply to one of her questions, and she credits your account with $5 or so of credit toward her store!!! its SUCH an awesome deal! i've gotten 2 free seminar sets now, including Let's make a memory! you can find that by going to her BLOG and scrolling down to mommy homework. If you want to get an idea what it's like, check out the preview chat.

TOPIC: Let's Make a Memory Over Tea! with Cindy Rushton

DATE: Tuesday, November 4, 2008


WHERE: Talk-a-Latte Conference Room (Never joined us? Instructions are here: http://talk-a-latte.com/how-to-join-our-conference-room/)

PASSWORD: letschat

If you have any questions let me know!!! i'd love to see you over there! Its such a great tight knit group of Christian mommies and the whole experience is so encouraging!!

Friday, October 31, 2008

My Holiday Journal

OH OH OH! i forgot to post about this! i finished making my holiday journal pretty! here it is

I am compiling all my best info on the subject of Thanksgiving and Christmas and sanity keepign all in this binder. Its a big one, about 2 inches i think, and it should hold everything... some of the dividers will be FOOD, GIFTS TO MAKE, ADDRESSES and other important info to have on hand, and i'm not sure what else... probably i'll add all my ebooks on the subject too.

If anyone else has made something similar and has ideas for more subdividers please post???


Some more layouts!

WOW, i've been scrapping like crazy lately.. you can probably tell i'm stressed out by how much i'm scrapping... its my stress reliever. I'm just going to post a few because i'm TIRED!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

a HOMEMADE christmas!!!!

Hey all! Well, i posted to the conference that I went to last weekend about how we are ONLY making homemade gifts this year, for everyone, including the children. And we are all really excited about it. Being a born again Christian, i have struggled with Christmas for quite some time. Its always bugged me that most conservative Christians who thing halloween is evil and won't do it in any form are entirely ok with the primarily paganized and commercialized popular "Christmas" I mean, at least halloween doesn't PRETEND to be Christian! Ok, so aak, hopefully i haven't started out the post offending someone! Anyway, i'm working on a wide variety of projects that need to be started RIGHT AWAY! and i plan to post here when i start them. In the mean time i wanted to provide a few links for those interested in the concept of a homemade Christmas. Hopefully later this week i'll have some of my own things posted :-). If you have any good links i missed, could you reply with them please and i'll add them to my list?

Here's free tags and other printables

This one is a little expensive but it looks really good! its how to make presents out of your scrapbooking supplies

Cindy Rushton's Let's make a memory seminar. GIRLS, if you have NOT been to one of Cindy's seminars you are SO missing out! they are fantastic.

Kathy Butrin just did a seminar on christmas, and i attended live, at least to part, but you can still buy the ticket and get the audios and all the freebies. AWESOME stuff.

My post on Willow traders brainstorming ideas for this. If you aren't a member of Willow traders, you should be!! its an AWESOME forum!

Monday, October 20, 2008


well, its been a while since i've actually posted any layouts so here's a few.

here's me... wasn't i cute!!!??? this was made using my MME Garden party kit from Simply obsessed

This was also from that same kit...

AND i also made a minibook out of the same line. It has encouraging Bible verses with pics of my family. This was NOT my idea, it was a challenge at a crop i did last weekend at Urban Anthology and i must say, its BRILLIANT, its fast, and cute and would make a fun gift. I made mine for me becuase i could use some encouraging right about now! i included a sample page, didn't feel like scanning them all.

This was from my ROCKING simply obsessed kit October Afternoon- Hometown
which i have used nearly all up.. i still have some of the yellow papers and some of the cardstock add on but i swear, this kit practically scrapped itself!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Free Jessica Sprague Journaling class!!!

OH my gosh, everyone! you have GOT to do this class!! i'm so excited!! Anyone who knows me knows that scrapbooking to me is all about recording memories, and journaling is an integral part of that process!!! here's the info posted on her site

and here's her blog addy if you want to read more

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Woohoo!!! 2 new challenges posted at Scrappers X Change, and a ROCKING SALE!!!!!

Ok, First of all, Vivien is AMAZING. she just posted a new sale, 40% in the shop, which INCLUDES her bargain bin stuff... and what's awesome is that her "old" stuff isn't really OLD! its just not brand new! so come check it out... here's the info from the email that was sent to subscribers of the newsletter (sign up at the website and you can get first notices of the great sales she offers!!)


that's right, another sale thru tuesday, october 14th!

use promotion code: 40saleoff (that's four-zero) at checkout to receive this discount...

AND- get a free minikit with $25 purchase!

visit the Shop now as goodies are while supplies last!

have fun with everything!

Ok, so NEXT is the reveal of the new BLOG!! The blog is to replace the old scrappers Gallery and we think it is going to be MUCH more efficient and easier to navigate. I hope you'll come check it out! I'm offering a rak on the challenge I posted and Vivien is offering a goodie for the contest i just posted, so GET scrappin!!!


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Feeling Scrappy

Feeling scrappy is giving away an awesome prize? Any other awesome prize connosseiurs? if so check out


Their blog looks awesome. It will be a regularly frequented blog for me.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

SO much to share!!!

Ok, so i've been WOEFULLY remiss in my blogging... so i'll make up for it with a wealth of layouts i've made! i hope you find some inspiration!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

$10 off qvc, wooohoo!!!!!

WOOHOO!!!! ok, so i vaguely remembered way back in like april or may a code that would give you $10 off your qvc order, i think you need to be a new customer... not entirely sure though, so when i got SUCKED in to those AMAZING American crafts mini albums, i thought i'd go back to my blog where i had posted about it way back when and i found this link

it was so long ago, i wasn't sure if i could still get the $10 off so i opened an account for dh, and it worked!!!! WOOOHOO!!! so i got 12 AC mini albums for $16 shipped!!! guess what all my relatives are getting for Christmas this year! woohoo!

Anyway, i think both you and i get a $10 credit, just so you know its an affiliate link but i swear, i'd share even if it wasn't!! what an awesome deal. anyway.... thought i'd share!

and here's what i ordered... its a STEAL!!

Friday, August 15, 2008


Ok, i think its high time we started a frugal friday thread!! Ok, so today i'm focusing on crockpotting!
Ok, so i bought an ebook on crockpotting and it was ok, but what i liked the best was the links! check these out!!!!

CHECK this out... its using a crockpot as a foot bath! how clever


anyone have any cool crockpot ideas to share??

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Wow... today is the pay the piper day!!! after being sick as a dog yesterday, having a sick 9yo and sick baby, today i'm back to my normal perky self and wow, trying to make up for ONE SINGLE day of sick! its crazy! even with a super helpful 13 yo, it reminds me how necessary i am in the whole grand scheme of things!!! Today i have a ton to do, starting with my disaster of a house! we are getting things semi- ok, then i hope to put in a couple of requisitions for school stuff, and i'm REALLY hoping to scrap today! i am just craving sitting down at my desk and playing with everything, then maybe making something, LOL. Tonight, i'm hoping to talk dh into us going to costco and getting dinner there, since friday is payday and we could write a check :-) not getting many groceries there though, i'm going to try to use coupons more and shop sale fliers.. i HATE shopping and costco is so appealingly EASY but i'm finding we really need to make some financial adjustments and this is probably the best way to do that. have you all seen money saving mom blog? i'm hoping to figure out how to get all our toiletries and stuff free at Walgreens, which happens to be CLOSE, like within walking distance of our house. Sadly we do NOT have a CVS which seems awesome too. Anyone have any good tips, resources, links to share regarding frugality, homemaking etc? i've gotten a lot of good ebooks being on an ebook binge at Currclick annd the The Old Schoolhouse store which btw, has a TON of good stuff on sale! Anyway, i should run! time for lunch! I hope you all have a wonderfully blessed day!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Another Review!

As I mentioned in an earlier post. I was given the amazing opportunity to test 2 new products introduced by The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. I reviewed the digital magazine subscription a couple of posts ago, and saving the best for last, i will share with you the Peice de resistance: the end all, be all of homeschool planners, The Schoolhouse planner Now, if you are like me, when you saw the price tag of $39 you may have resembled the Aflac duck when encountering sticker shock pumping gas (QUUUUAAAAAACCCCCCCCCHH???) However what i didn't realize when considering that was how complex and integrated the whole thing is. The planner is 247 pages long. It includes pretty much any planning page you'd want, and cool double page monthly calendar pages for each month from July 2008 Through June 2009. BUT on top of that, there's EXCELLENT articles from a variety of celebs in the homeschool world, including Amanda Bennett, Amy Pak, Janice Campbell, and others, All experts in their fields. There's also cool fact sheets on topics such as presidents of the US, Periodic table of elements, and at the end of the first section, a comprehensive segment filled with historical documents, such as the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, etc. Then each month also has recipes, good, simple recipes that i'm convinced we will actually MAKE. And it also has activities for the themes of the month that are listed there and a list of other resources that would go well with the monthly topic. Now, please do review the contents listed on the link above, becuase I didn't even come close to listing them all, just what jumped out at ME personally.

So overall, would I reccommend this product to purchase at full price? YES! I absolutely would, and here's why: As a frugal one income family kind of lady, i would normally balk at spending so much on an EBOOK. HOWEVER, in this case, i feel that really, this product is like several ebooks in one. You have basic planning pages, calendar pages, recipes, articles, fact sheets and more. Each could have been its own ebook, but instead it was combined, which is FAR better, in my opinion because all the work has been done for you. I know its pretty easy to find free forms and resources online, but if you are like me, you will save and save and save and never actually put anything together to acutally USE and then consequently, have a scattered, disorganized year, and vow that the NEXT year you will get organized! How about making THIS that year and save yourself some stress and in the long run, some money in the process? Again, here's the link for the SCHOOLHOUSE PLANNER

So Tell me your story

Have I mentioned a time or two how important it is to record your life for posterity?? Do you ever feel like you WANT to do that but just don't have many ideas? Then check out Lucy Chesna's blog "So Tell Me Your Story."

I was lucky enough to get asked to be on the DT, and the new layouts will be up anytime, come check it out!! Also the last two challenges are up and the last one features an AWESOME prize. You have till tomorrow so hop to it!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Homeschool product reviews.

Hey all! You might be surprised to see this post, since this is, after all, my scrappy blog, not my homeschool blog. However, knowing how many scrappers are homeschoolers, i figured i'd go ahead and post my homeschool content here along with my scrappy stuff until i get around to updating my actual homeschool blog. I know that many of you who homeschool or are considering it will find this useful.

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine is easily the most comprehensive homeschool specific magazine on the market. I've been recieving it for a couple of years and greatly enjoy having a subscription. Its totally worth WELL over what they charge for it, and you get all kinds of amazing bonuses for joining. I spend hours perusing the pages, earmarking pages that have links i want to check out on the computer, and often refer back to back issues for something i remember reading way back when. My issues are VERY well loved. That's actually probably a diplomatic way of saying it. My magazines tend to look like the Tasmanian devil ate some cheesecake off of them. That's fine! i'm glad they are getting use!
But i was definately intriqued when TOS introduced a new digital version of their awesome magazine. I wondered whether it would be beneficial to order a digital version of the same magazine. When i was given the opportunity to test and review the new digital magazine, i jumped at the opportunity. And WOW, i'm entirely sold now!! The digital version is a DREAM to browse. When you open up the download you can see the magazine as if you were holding it in your hands. you can turn the pages, you can do a search for particular words, to help you find a topic you'd normally be shuffling through magazines for in the past. You can archive past issues, click on a link in the magazine and be brought DIRECLY to the link's web location, email a friend an article, and on and on! Its so very cool!

And if that was not enough, you get all the bonus goodies just for joining. And i have to tell you, after doing several of these deals, i was excited to see several that were NEW and i had not already used!! Very cool. i got at least triple the value of my subscription in freebies alone, and that's considering i've subscribed before and gotten a lot of the freebies. If you have not ever subbed, or at least not taken advantage of as many subscriptiion freebies as me, you will have the most amazing wealth of goodies on your hands. SO COOL! Also, they are now digital, so NO CARDS TO SEND IN! Woohoo!!!

Anyway, don't take my word for it. Right now the summer issue is available for FREE on their website. Acquaint yourself with the format and browse away! If you decide to subscribe, you will get another back issue of your choice, in addition you will receive the 25 free gifts, valued at over $550 and of course a year's subscription! You will receive all this for only $16.95. So, give it a shot!! And stay tuned to my blog, because soon i'll be reviewing the amazing Schoolhouse planner.. I wanted to have it reviewed and posted by now but its so overwhelmingly substantial, i've barely scratched the surface!

Friday, August 1, 2008

My funny day/my amazing children

ok, so i'll start with the funny parts. My 4yo learned not too long ago to use the potty but today she waited too long and it all came out right before she reached the toilet. Standing in the flood of her own urine she screamed bloody murder, and loudly declared, "OH NO! I PEED ON THE FLOOR! I'M NOT A DOG!!!! I'M A HUMAN!!!" She later explained to me that the Matz' dogs pee on the floor but not people. Too bad she didn't think of that a year ago! i'll have to remember that one for Leif :p

Ok, so then i was trying to find the address for the math company Math-u-see. I looked ALL over the website and finally did a search for "mailing address" and the search responded "no results for your search. Did you mean SMILING ADDRESS? Sure enough, there were hits on their website for smiling address but not mailing address, whoda thunk?? LOL!! definately got a smile out of me.

Ok so then we went out to dinner. In our area there's a church that puts on free bbq's all summer on friday nights and i always drag my family there in hopes of reducing our ever dwindling grocery budget by one meal a week. Dh does NOT enjoy it... bad vibes... anyway, so we were waiting in line and i noticed my 13 yo talking to some local kids who were laughing and pointing at him... crap... i wondered was was going on. He explained to me that they were telling him that his face was deformed and his hair was deformed and on and on... grrrr.... made me want to rip their snotty little heads off, but clearly that is not the Christian response. Thankfully my 13 yo is more of a mature Christian than me because when i expressed to him how sad i was that they were making fun of him, he said "Oh its ok mom, i'm not sad they are making fun of me, i'm just sad that they don't know any better than to do stuff like that. " Can you believe that? oh my sweet son, totally melted my heart!!!

Just had to share...

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Crop and birthday celebration

come check it out!

Scrappy therapy

Have i mentioned how therapeutic scrapping is? There's something about taking your fears and concerns and inner thoughts and putting them on paper that just makes it that much easier to release them. Its a closure thing i think... When i find that i've prayed and prayed and prayed and talked to dh endlessly, and talked to friends, and still can't seem to get past something, its time to scrap it. That is why last night i made "Grieving an invisible person" Now i must warn you, if you have a history of miscarraige or are really sensitive, you might not want to look at this. I wrote a poem and its very direct, i think and i'd hate to stir up issues in anyone, but i wanted to share 1. for the benefit of potentially helping someone else learn to scrap therepeutically, and 2. for the purpose of finishing the closure process for me (and of course what good is making something if you don't SHOW others! :)

Anyway, here it is. you can click on the picture to see the poem better.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

So much going on...

i haven't posted in a while. Life's been crazy. Grandpa Danny came and stayed with us for a couple weeks. My good friend Juanita was in the hospital for almost a week with multiple pulmonary emboli. She's out now but still has the same problem so please pray for her continued health. Its a very dangerous situation. Also i suspected i was pregnant last week, had the symptoms, was a week "late" and Saturday evening i began miscarrying. The big clot finally passed yesterday and i've been dealing with that basically since i realized what was going on, around tuesday. Thankfully i don't have to have anything medically done, which is a real blessing because i have "issues" surrounding strangers in my business. I'm struggling and trying to distract myself. If i think about it I get sad. WHat blows me away is i didn't WANT to get pregnant. We kinda dropped the ball on our charting this month, (we use NFP) And basically we are cool with whatever... we figure we'll probably have more kids and we'll welcome any that come, but i would love to lose some weight first... get in shape? pay off some bills?? anyway, hanging in there and today i'm going to make a serious effort to scrap. my mojo has flown away again. this might help though!! i have found this new kit club you all HAVE to check out!!!

doesn't it look FAB??? and the price can't be beat!!

Ok, so anyway, gotta run, lunch time. Take care all ye my faithful few :-)

Monday, July 7, 2008


Today i got to stay home, while everyone else LEFT! EVEN the baby! woohoo!! i made thse layouts while they were gone..