Friday, August 1, 2008

My funny day/my amazing children

ok, so i'll start with the funny parts. My 4yo learned not too long ago to use the potty but today she waited too long and it all came out right before she reached the toilet. Standing in the flood of her own urine she screamed bloody murder, and loudly declared, "OH NO! I PEED ON THE FLOOR! I'M NOT A DOG!!!! I'M A HUMAN!!!" She later explained to me that the Matz' dogs pee on the floor but not people. Too bad she didn't think of that a year ago! i'll have to remember that one for Leif :p

Ok, so then i was trying to find the address for the math company Math-u-see. I looked ALL over the website and finally did a search for "mailing address" and the search responded "no results for your search. Did you mean SMILING ADDRESS? Sure enough, there were hits on their website for smiling address but not mailing address, whoda thunk?? LOL!! definately got a smile out of me.

Ok so then we went out to dinner. In our area there's a church that puts on free bbq's all summer on friday nights and i always drag my family there in hopes of reducing our ever dwindling grocery budget by one meal a week. Dh does NOT enjoy it... bad vibes... anyway, so we were waiting in line and i noticed my 13 yo talking to some local kids who were laughing and pointing at him... crap... i wondered was was going on. He explained to me that they were telling him that his face was deformed and his hair was deformed and on and on... grrrr.... made me want to rip their snotty little heads off, but clearly that is not the Christian response. Thankfully my 13 yo is more of a mature Christian than me because when i expressed to him how sad i was that they were making fun of him, he said "Oh its ok mom, i'm not sad they are making fun of me, i'm just sad that they don't know any better than to do stuff like that. " Can you believe that? oh my sweet son, totally melted my heart!!!

Just had to share...


teresamatz said...

bawhahahahahaha, I am so glad my bad puppies could be of help with potty training!!!!!

{email me back woman!}
Love you >:0)

Tessa said...

What a strong young man you have there! I am like you it's that motherly instinct to protect your babies!

Christy said...

Those kids were pretty mean. :( I hope you found the Math-U-See mailing address. We're using them this year for the first time.

I've tagged you on my blog. Check it out here.

Gina said...

LOL!!!! Thanks for a great laugh, and wow....I hope my kids have hearts like that when they're 13!!!