Monday, May 25, 2009


Congrats Shonna!! She has won a free fabric mystery box! But everyone else, do check out the links below, i'm certain that they will be a blessing to you! Also, if 4 more people purchase their ticket, they will be entered to win a fabric or scrapbooking mystery box! You have until next weekend!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

UPPING the Ante on the UHSE!

It just occurred to me with my overflowing HUGE box of my scrapbook stuff that i've downsized that i could offer a pretty rocking incentive for using my affiliate link to purchase a ticket to the UHSE!

I have been selling off much of my scrapbooking stash as well as my fabric stash. I have been making mystery boxes of scrapbook stuff, complete with high quaility brand name patterned paper, specialty paper, good textured cardstock and an assortment of embellishments including ribbon, chipboard, stickers, rubons, and more! i'm downsizing because we will soon have 2 new babies to share our bedroom, which doubles as my scrapping studio, so I need to free up some space. I take a flat rate postal box, the $10 ones, and stuff it to the gills with scrapbook goodies, and have been selling them at the INSANE price of $25 ppd. You get SO MUCH for that price. HOWEVER, I am going to GIVE AWAY, one FREE to the first person to sign up using my affiliate link. Just forward me your paypal reciept, and be sure to use my affiliate link! And the first person to sign up for the UHSE, either as an individual or with a friend, will get a box free! ALSO, for every 5 people that sign up using my affiliate link, i will give away another box, so if 5 people sign up, 2 of them will get a box, if 10 people sign up, 3 of them will get a box and so on!! This is an awesome deal!

PS, if you are a Sewing person and not a scrapper, or would just prefer fabric, i would be glad to substitute a mystery box of fabric. It would include an assortment of organic cotton fabric, hemp/cotton fabric, cute cotton knits, cute cotton quilt type print fabric, etc. I can't tell you what is in it, but i can tell you it will be good quality, cotton fabric.

SO, if you'd like to, follow one of the affiliate links below, and sign up for the UHSE, forward me your receipt to and I'll either send on your box, if you are first, or add you to the drawing, if you are 2nd or later!!

This deal is valid NOW, through next Sunday May 31st.

Ultimate homeschool Expo! wooohoo!!!

I try to keep my scrappy blog exclusively about scrapping, but I thought this would be a good thing to let you all know about.


I did the order with a friend last year and so totally double/tripled/maybe quadrupled my investment with all the great freebies alone, not to mention great vendor hall deals, and the massive stash of audios that i STILL haven't listened to them all! Its so totally worth the investment. I used my audios primarily to walk with in the AM. Before i got pregnant, i had built up the habit of getting up at like 6 am and walking with my MP3 player. Walking is clearly the best kind of exercise for me, low cost, low ambition :-) However, its also excruciatingly BORING! So i bought a $15 mp3 player, i bought mine at but i'm guessing you could find cheap ones a lot of places. And loaded it up with a variety of seminar topics, and each morning i'd choose one to listen to while i walked. It made the walk go much faster AND i was building not only my body, but my skills as a homemaker and homeschool mom at the same time! I also find its GREAT background for scrapbooking. I'm a scrapper and one of my biggist problems is i tend to THINK too much when i create things. Using audios on Itunes, gives my mind something to do other than over-critique my work, which any of you who scrap can certainly relate to. There comes a point where the old noggin does more harm than good! Anyway, It KILLS me that i've not bought my ticket yet, but i only have $58 in mommy homework money, and it costs $100 regular price, so i'd be writing a whole lot of mommy homework before i could get it, Sooo... anyway, i thought i'd post my affiliate links here to bless you and me both :-) Thank you in advance if you decide to use my affiliate link! And even if you don't, You must know that this is an unbeatable purchase. The regular price is $100, and you can get your tickets for only $39.95 individually, or $59.95 for two!

Order your ticket

Or better yet,

Order with a friend

OH, and if you can't find anyone to buy a ticket with you, let me know, and i'll post here and see if i can find you a partner! Buying with a friend brings the cost down to only $30, totally a steal!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Check it out! Serendipity month long crop!

Serendipity Scrapbooks is pleased to announce our first ever month long CROP!

Are you ready for a Hair Raising Event? I know we are. And we have so much in store for you for the month of May. Every Design Team member has 50 points to give away during the month and even some RAKs for you. There will be challenges, loads of games, Deals of the DAY, secret hiding places in the store, and best of all Blue Light Specials available to each and every one of you.

This will be a non stop event starting May 1 - May 31st! So join us every day because you never know when points will be handed out to add to your total which will put you one step closer to being our May Mayhem Queen!

Find more info here