Thursday, May 24, 2012

and almost 2 years later....

Yes, its been a LONG time since i've posted!  My life is insane.  The stresses of caring for 7 children, including 2 with learning disabilities and 3 on the autistic spectrum, me time has been pretty much eliminated.  I'm working hard to change that.  I've found that its critical for my functioning as a person AND as a mom that i get creative time.  I used to scrap daily, and i'm working toward once or twice a week- Its a compromise that i hope I can make work, because it really is a NEED for me, but as i've discovered, just because something is a need doesn't mean it gets to be met necessarily.  Some needs must be fought for.  Anyway, thought i'd share some layouts i've been working on lately!  I hope to be adding more to this post soon!!!!

Above is Asher :) this page is for his book and has gotten kind of bendy, hence the funny looking shape of the base- i thought he was so cute in his towel, diaper, and RAIN BOOTS on our first "warm enough to take out the sprinkler" day.  (a virtual holiday in our family!)  I used the sketch at in this layout. 

Next is a layout about our trip to the art museum in Seattle, for Chloe's album, which I made today, thinking about how she in particular enjoyed the museum. I used a whole bunch of 7gypsies tags to create the circular form and distressed the paper base.  I used the sketch here

Love me my sketch challenges!! it makes the process so much more about creating and so much less about THINKING- not my forte these days!!!!  well, Adios all! hoping to add more soon!