Friday, October 31, 2008

My Holiday Journal

OH OH OH! i forgot to post about this! i finished making my holiday journal pretty! here it is

I am compiling all my best info on the subject of Thanksgiving and Christmas and sanity keepign all in this binder. Its a big one, about 2 inches i think, and it should hold everything... some of the dividers will be FOOD, GIFTS TO MAKE, ADDRESSES and other important info to have on hand, and i'm not sure what else... probably i'll add all my ebooks on the subject too.

If anyone else has made something similar and has ideas for more subdividers please post???


Some more layouts!

WOW, i've been scrapping like crazy lately.. you can probably tell i'm stressed out by how much i'm scrapping... its my stress reliever. I'm just going to post a few because i'm TIRED!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

a HOMEMADE christmas!!!!

Hey all! Well, i posted to the conference that I went to last weekend about how we are ONLY making homemade gifts this year, for everyone, including the children. And we are all really excited about it. Being a born again Christian, i have struggled with Christmas for quite some time. Its always bugged me that most conservative Christians who thing halloween is evil and won't do it in any form are entirely ok with the primarily paganized and commercialized popular "Christmas" I mean, at least halloween doesn't PRETEND to be Christian! Ok, so aak, hopefully i haven't started out the post offending someone! Anyway, i'm working on a wide variety of projects that need to be started RIGHT AWAY! and i plan to post here when i start them. In the mean time i wanted to provide a few links for those interested in the concept of a homemade Christmas. Hopefully later this week i'll have some of my own things posted :-). If you have any good links i missed, could you reply with them please and i'll add them to my list?

Here's free tags and other printables

This one is a little expensive but it looks really good! its how to make presents out of your scrapbooking supplies

Cindy Rushton's Let's make a memory seminar. GIRLS, if you have NOT been to one of Cindy's seminars you are SO missing out! they are fantastic.

Kathy Butrin just did a seminar on christmas, and i attended live, at least to part, but you can still buy the ticket and get the audios and all the freebies. AWESOME stuff.

My post on Willow traders brainstorming ideas for this. If you aren't a member of Willow traders, you should be!! its an AWESOME forum!

Monday, October 20, 2008


well, its been a while since i've actually posted any layouts so here's a few.

here's me... wasn't i cute!!!??? this was made using my MME Garden party kit from Simply obsessed

This was also from that same kit...

AND i also made a minibook out of the same line. It has encouraging Bible verses with pics of my family. This was NOT my idea, it was a challenge at a crop i did last weekend at Urban Anthology and i must say, its BRILLIANT, its fast, and cute and would make a fun gift. I made mine for me becuase i could use some encouraging right about now! i included a sample page, didn't feel like scanning them all.

This was from my ROCKING simply obsessed kit October Afternoon- Hometown
which i have used nearly all up.. i still have some of the yellow papers and some of the cardstock add on but i swear, this kit practically scrapped itself!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Free Jessica Sprague Journaling class!!!

OH my gosh, everyone! you have GOT to do this class!! i'm so excited!! Anyone who knows me knows that scrapbooking to me is all about recording memories, and journaling is an integral part of that process!!! here's the info posted on her site

and here's her blog addy if you want to read more

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Woohoo!!! 2 new challenges posted at Scrappers X Change, and a ROCKING SALE!!!!!

Ok, First of all, Vivien is AMAZING. she just posted a new sale, 40% in the shop, which INCLUDES her bargain bin stuff... and what's awesome is that her "old" stuff isn't really OLD! its just not brand new! so come check it out... here's the info from the email that was sent to subscribers of the newsletter (sign up at the website and you can get first notices of the great sales she offers!!)

that's right, another sale thru tuesday, october 14th!

use promotion code: 40saleoff (that's four-zero) at checkout to receive this discount...

AND- get a free minikit with $25 purchase!

visit the Shop now as goodies are while supplies last!

have fun with everything!

Ok, so NEXT is the reveal of the new BLOG!! The blog is to replace the old scrappers Gallery and we think it is going to be MUCH more efficient and easier to navigate. I hope you'll come check it out! I'm offering a rak on the challenge I posted and Vivien is offering a goodie for the contest i just posted, so GET scrappin!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Feeling Scrappy

Feeling scrappy is giving away an awesome prize? Any other awesome prize connosseiurs? if so check out

Their blog looks awesome. It will be a regularly frequented blog for me.