Sunday, October 26, 2008

a HOMEMADE christmas!!!!

Hey all! Well, i posted to the conference that I went to last weekend about how we are ONLY making homemade gifts this year, for everyone, including the children. And we are all really excited about it. Being a born again Christian, i have struggled with Christmas for quite some time. Its always bugged me that most conservative Christians who thing halloween is evil and won't do it in any form are entirely ok with the primarily paganized and commercialized popular "Christmas" I mean, at least halloween doesn't PRETEND to be Christian! Ok, so aak, hopefully i haven't started out the post offending someone! Anyway, i'm working on a wide variety of projects that need to be started RIGHT AWAY! and i plan to post here when i start them. In the mean time i wanted to provide a few links for those interested in the concept of a homemade Christmas. Hopefully later this week i'll have some of my own things posted :-). If you have any good links i missed, could you reply with them please and i'll add them to my list?

Here's free tags and other printables

This one is a little expensive but it looks really good! its how to make presents out of your scrapbooking supplies

Cindy Rushton's Let's make a memory seminar. GIRLS, if you have NOT been to one of Cindy's seminars you are SO missing out! they are fantastic.

Kathy Butrin just did a seminar on christmas, and i attended live, at least to part, but you can still buy the ticket and get the audios and all the freebies. AWESOME stuff.

My post on Willow traders brainstorming ideas for this. If you aren't a member of Willow traders, you should be!! its an AWESOME forum!


ellen said...

oh yeah for those links! i am sooo christmas challenged when it comes to this stuff!

Bev said...

you are so right! Holidays are holidays. They are what you make of them. It is up to parents to keep things in perspective! Enjoy all of them.