Thursday, September 25, 2008

SO much to share!!!

Ok, so i've been WOEFULLY remiss in my blogging... so i'll make up for it with a wealth of layouts i've made! i hope you find some inspiration!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

$10 off qvc, wooohoo!!!!!

WOOHOO!!!! ok, so i vaguely remembered way back in like april or may a code that would give you $10 off your qvc order, i think you need to be a new customer... not entirely sure though, so when i got SUCKED in to those AMAZING American crafts mini albums, i thought i'd go back to my blog where i had posted about it way back when and i found this link|iqdou|join,aspx.ref.1366

it was so long ago, i wasn't sure if i could still get the $10 off so i opened an account for dh, and it worked!!!! WOOOHOO!!! so i got 12 AC mini albums for $16 shipped!!! guess what all my relatives are getting for Christmas this year! woohoo!

Anyway, i think both you and i get a $10 credit, just so you know its an affiliate link but i swear, i'd share even if it wasn't!! what an awesome deal. anyway.... thought i'd share!

and here's what i ordered... its a STEAL!!