Saturday, November 13, 2010

Paper Variety challenge

Just popping in to share a new layout for a challenge that I did posted at The Paper Variety I used my fabulous October Scrapbook Sussies kit

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Did you use your mesh??

In your Scraptastic Halloween kit?? I know when I recieved my kit, i thought... "Hmmm...." and then i got several ideas... I'm posting them here, in addition to a super fast step by step layout including the mesh, using the Nightmare on my street kit.

Using mesh

1. cut into strips and use like ribbon, or weave, braid or knot them.
2. use like a mask over a piece of paper and spray glimmer mist on it.
3. cut into circles kind of catty wompus like and compbine with already made flowers to make a cool homemade layered flower!
4. cover a piece of cardstock with it and paint over it to make a cool textured background.

Can you think of any others? Here's a hint- don't try to use it as a cool lens filter on your camera. I tried that, at different distances from the lens- CAN'T get it to work, even though it SOUNDS like it would be super cool!!!

Ok, so here is my step by step project. When you finish, you will have a layout that looks something like this

So first you start with a stapler, I used my fabulous long armed stapler, a sheet of paper or cardstock, appx 12x12 of mesh, and a piece of ribbon long enough to wrap around the mesh, whatever size you choose. mine is about 9x9 after I cut it, though I just eyeballed it.

Once you've gathered all you need to make the base of the layout, place the mesh on top of the paper, decide where to start your ribbon, and staple one end of the ribbon down. Using the side of the paper as a guide, estimate how far to go with the ribbon, and staple it down. I did so on the end, and the middle, and when i reached the corner, i stapled down the ribbon, and wrapped the ribbon around the staple which nicely concealed the staple, though the ribbon that was included in the kit was nice and frilly so it hid the staples anyway, just letting them peek out a little :)

Trim around the ribbon, leaving some extra to hang out.

Next, i added the picture and some embellies. I sewed on the buttons, because i thought it would be cuter, and hold better with the mesh.

Finally, i doodled under the mesh to add more dimension