Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Sneak peeks :-)

Ok, i can't resist! i hope i don't get in trouble but here's some peekies :-)

Sneak peek for Creative hearts studio Sept. Kit!


it does, and believe it or not, the actual kit is even MORE wonderful, with more great embellies and fabulous paper from an up and coming company. I'm devoting my day to scrapping away with all my wonderful goodies and i'm in HEAVEN!! if only i could get monkey boy to nap a little more!! I can't wait until the 1st when i can reveal ALL of my layouts, and projects, i'm REALLY liking what i've gotten done so far!!! Be sure to set aside a little scrappy funds for this baby! good stuff!!!!!

Monday, August 27, 2007

this weekend...

sharing a few layouts... lmn what you think!! i have no idea why this is underlined... forgive me if it looks weird. Anyway.... here they are! a few faves from this weekend's crop.

This one, i absolutely love the pictures... Chloe is just so captured, her gracefulness, her beauty, the rare spunk, she's normally a super sweet mellow compliant child so this was really cool.
Love it! just plain love it, love the paper, from my wonderful August DT kit, love the monochromatic paper... love it!
Leify's belly... heheeh...
My FIL was here the past week and a half.. it was WONDERFUL, he and each of the kids really bonded. captured one such moment here.

This one, i made 5 of, one for each of my children. I really liked it because it enabled me to use up extra pictures!!!

Crop this weekend!

Well, after a busy crop weekend, i'm not entirely sure i actually WANT to do another but might possibly consider it! LOL, here's a link to one this labor day weekend!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

I have a few to share from this weekend...

WHAT a week! i tell ya, first, i broke my toe.. THEN Friday morning, i was cleaning in anticipation of my Father in Law coming to stay for a week and a half, and was rearranging the cupboard, and knocked over a wine class and it broke into my hand!!! ARGH! pulled the huge peice of glass out of my left middle finger and there was a HUGE hole there!! ran over to Teresa's house crying and bleeding and she called her dh to come home and watch all 10 of our children, collectively and brought me to the ER. MY dh met me there and i had to get a tetanus shot which is SO EVIL! argh! STILL hurts.... and had novacaine shots and stitches. Youch! now i look like frankenstein. At least my middle finger does, LOL. Teresa and i were lamenting on the way to the ER that we both in the heat of thigns forgot to bring our cameras! what a fantabulous layout that would have been!!! Also, we saw the most AMAZING drawn frogs on the mural on the wall of my ER room... OH well.... So anyway, it was crazy and painful, and i was a complete and total baby and squeezed teresa's hand and cried the whole time, LOL! i'm just a wimp, that's it! i kept reciting to myself "i have given birth to 5 children, 4 without meds, 3 without meds at home!" it didn't help much. So anyway, my dear FIL is here this week, and dh is off work, and we are having a WONDERFUL vacation at home, no stress, no pressure... just nice and relaxing... MUCH needed right now. And if that wasn't enough, i feel my muse coming back! i made these two layouts today, REALLY like them!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Can i whine about my day?

Ok, so let's see what happened today....

* got a matchbox car flushed down the toilet
*husband came home in a rage about said matchbox car
*6year old daughter cried and begged for me not to "sell" her, because of said matchbox car incident!! (NO IDEA why she would have though that!!!)
*spent an eternity working on my homeschool group's newsletter, baby screaming all the while, wondering if it was even going to be up to the editor's standards.
*baby completely covered himself in smeared banana during typing of newsletter
OH and went to costco to pick up pizza, opened the door and not notcing there was a curb there slammed my foot into the curb, crock went flying and either broke or sprained badly my right big toe. Wanna see?? of course you do.. now, keep in mind that my feet don't look as ghastly deformed in real life as this picture, just SLIGHTLY deformed :-D

See how the right toe doesn't bend and is all swollent? the picture doesn't show all that well... anyway.... i did get a couple of cool pics today... my oldest ds up in a tree

Thursday, August 9, 2007

no dots! / value of art

Ok, so after being in a slump for a really long time, of course i get all inspired and get all kinds of great ideas, exactly when i have 22 zots glue dots left!!!! AAK! Zots are my adhesive of choice.. i use them for everything. they are wonderful and PERMANENT. Layouts don't fall apart after a couple of weeks... anyway, i'm out! i was going to go to walmart yesterday and it just got too late, and i was too tired... aak! so here i sit with lots of great ideas, a NEW KIT!! (my scraproom kit arrived yesterday) and few dots. AAK. nuff said!

So here i am... typing... my children are at the table playing with rubber stamps, the kid stamp bin, and alex is finishing his chores and will be trying out the new blow paint set we found at a garage sale last weekend. its a good morning! We need to place a much higher emphasis on art this year. Its so easy to ignore with all the stuff we need to get done, but art is what makes life tolerable. Why would i deny my children that??

Anyway, i'm thinking of a new album... i'm going to call it "Today" it will be a full size 12x12 and i'll do a layout on whatever day i think is meaningful... so much of the important parts of life are captured on a day by day basis...

This album will be added to my entourage of
family albums
Month in review albums
Book of me, book of us, book of you
books for each child, birth to current,
Anna's ABC book,
and whatever mini albums i get around to making.

LOL. I like to scrap :-D

Basic Grey TOOT!!

i just had 2 items accepted into the basic grey gallery!! wooohoo!
I'm particularily excited because one is a card, and i'm not very good at cards! Woohoo!!!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

just a few more....

These are a few i made the last couple weeks and really liked and wanted to share...

Creative Hearts Studio's August kit!

check it out!! does this rock or what???

here's what i made with it....

First two are my June month in review layout... this goes in my album where i just have 2 pages for each month, a condensed succinct view of what went on that month. I have so many layouts in our other albums you can kind of get lost in them :-) I wish i could have gotten them to stitch together well, but it didn't happen so you have to see them one atop the other

here's more single pagers....

and an altered tin...

Catching up!

Blogging is such a habit thing... sigh... and i've totally gotten OUT of the habit. SO much has happened since i last posted. I did my projects for the Creative Hearts studio, which this month's kit ROCKED! its such a beautiful monochromatic green that is so versatile! I participated in a HUGE cybercrop and won some ROCKIN prizes! and last night participated in a super fun crop with different challenges than i was used to... i made a tag and card, which i'll post below. I think changing venue a little bit is a great way to get the momentum back! i've been in a rut on and off and now i feel like i'm ready to roll (if only i can find the TIME!!!!)

What a busy weekend... my 12yo just got back from Bible camp, my house is a mess and the volume has returned to the house... :-D

Anyway, here's what i made last night at