Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Can i whine about my day?

Ok, so let's see what happened today....

* got a matchbox car flushed down the toilet
*husband came home in a rage about said matchbox car
*6year old daughter cried and begged for me not to "sell" her, because of said matchbox car incident!! (NO IDEA why she would have though that!!!)
*spent an eternity working on my homeschool group's newsletter, baby screaming all the while, wondering if it was even going to be up to the editor's standards.
*baby completely covered himself in smeared banana during typing of newsletter
OH and went to costco to pick up pizza, opened the door and not notcing there was a curb there slammed my foot into the curb, crock went flying and either broke or sprained badly my right big toe. Wanna see?? of course you do.. now, keep in mind that my feet don't look as ghastly deformed in real life as this picture, just SLIGHTLY deformed :-D

See how the right toe doesn't bend and is all swollent? the picture doesn't show all that well... anyway.... i did get a couple of cool pics today... my oldest ds up in a tree

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Arrow said...

lol - I was like "a crock of what" - got it now - "croc" as in brand name of water clogs!

Who does C think would buy her - lol?