Thursday, August 9, 2007

no dots! / value of art

Ok, so after being in a slump for a really long time, of course i get all inspired and get all kinds of great ideas, exactly when i have 22 zots glue dots left!!!! AAK! Zots are my adhesive of choice.. i use them for everything. they are wonderful and PERMANENT. Layouts don't fall apart after a couple of weeks... anyway, i'm out! i was going to go to walmart yesterday and it just got too late, and i was too tired... aak! so here i sit with lots of great ideas, a NEW KIT!! (my scraproom kit arrived yesterday) and few dots. AAK. nuff said!

So here i am... typing... my children are at the table playing with rubber stamps, the kid stamp bin, and alex is finishing his chores and will be trying out the new blow paint set we found at a garage sale last weekend. its a good morning! We need to place a much higher emphasis on art this year. Its so easy to ignore with all the stuff we need to get done, but art is what makes life tolerable. Why would i deny my children that??

Anyway, i'm thinking of a new album... i'm going to call it "Today" it will be a full size 12x12 and i'll do a layout on whatever day i think is meaningful... so much of the important parts of life are captured on a day by day basis...

This album will be added to my entourage of
family albums
Month in review albums
Book of me, book of us, book of you
books for each child, birth to current,
Anna's ABC book,
and whatever mini albums i get around to making.

LOL. I like to scrap :-D


scrappermimi said...

I love that idea for an album!

I just bought some new ones and need to organize them. Great idea!

Leah said...

My albums are not organized at all... I'm not sure I could do it! Love all your recent layouts! Thanks so much for joining us over at Scrappy Giraffe kits for the crop! Hope you stick around :)

Arrow said...

So since you've gone pro since the last time we scrapped totgether (probably a couple years ago now?)I have a question about double stick tape. Some comes with peel-off backing which I find really annoying (I have a couple I got cheap at Liquidation World I've been using since I'm out of decent glue sticks) and are more expensive than the kind without. What is the benefit to that?