Saturday, March 16, 2013

Yay! i got to scrap!

So i might have broken my foot- Andy and i were walking to the car from Trader Joe's, arms full of groceries, and i slipped on a patch of tar and biffed it.   I don't even remember HOW i fell, like if i fell directly on my ankle or what, because i pretty much blanked out...  i was walking, i slipped, immediately felt nauseous, super dizzy and couldn't hear.  all i remember was being upright and my foot hurting really bad, even though i know i was sprawled out on the ground for a little while.  SO weird.  my hearing came back gradually through the drive home.  Anyway, my foot only got marginally better over the next couple days (that was wednesday) so friday andy took me to the dr. who noticed localized pain in one spot, and sent me in for xrays.  The radiologist hasn't gotten back to her- or perhaps she hasn't gotten back to me, so we most likely won't know till monday, so i'm stuck sitting around, not as fun as it sounds, BUT it is a STELLAR opportunity to get caught up scrapping! woohoo!   so here's what i've made so far- albums for all of the kids except Alex, who wasn't there, and asher, for the day we went to the Capitol on vacation last week.