Sunday, July 28, 2013

a quick layout dump...

would love to elaborate more but have been so busy lately.  i'm kind of forcing myself to do things that are fun, and i think it shows... not so inspired lately, though i really like the last one i did, this one-

Also these, i liked. 

Also, i'd LOVE for you all to follow me on instagram!  i post all my layouts there- the good, the bad, the ugly :) and my best family photos. 

Friday, May 31, 2013

The latest!

so scrapping time has been minimal, but THERE which is a step in the right direction at least.  So, i'll list a bunch of layouts i've made recently at the bottom, but i wanted to start with today's and yesterdays.   So this one, i was psyched about... the maya road spray ink actually spurted in two heart shapes, so i doodled on it, and

Today, i made this one, and i really like it!

Yesterday I made a minibook for my grandparents, who i am SOOOO late in sending pictures and a letter to, so i thought i'd make it good.  This only took a little over an hour! its really simple and not very embellished, but i don't think they will mind.  My grandma O is next.

Here's a few more that i've made in the last few days and weeks... 

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Yay! i got to scrap!

So i might have broken my foot- Andy and i were walking to the car from Trader Joe's, arms full of groceries, and i slipped on a patch of tar and biffed it.   I don't even remember HOW i fell, like if i fell directly on my ankle or what, because i pretty much blanked out...  i was walking, i slipped, immediately felt nauseous, super dizzy and couldn't hear.  all i remember was being upright and my foot hurting really bad, even though i know i was sprawled out on the ground for a little while.  SO weird.  my hearing came back gradually through the drive home.  Anyway, my foot only got marginally better over the next couple days (that was wednesday) so friday andy took me to the dr. who noticed localized pain in one spot, and sent me in for xrays.  The radiologist hasn't gotten back to her- or perhaps she hasn't gotten back to me, so we most likely won't know till monday, so i'm stuck sitting around, not as fun as it sounds, BUT it is a STELLAR opportunity to get caught up scrapping! woohoo!   so here's what i've made so far- albums for all of the kids except Alex, who wasn't there, and asher, for the day we went to the Capitol on vacation last week.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Another Layout, for asher

This one is for my autistic 3yo's album.  I've been doing periodic layouts every couple months chronicling where he's at in developmental stuff, and this one i really liked! i used the scraptastic kit for Jan, and LOVE the color scheme.  i blocked out the writing on the word bubbles with what he's been saying and also journaled some other things going on.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

a few of the latest..

This month's scrapping endeavor's have been quite prolific and quite varied! though i've been crazy busy, i've really started to get the importance of taking time for my creative outlet, which is currently scrapping!  This month i've also been making a sort of mental shift... watching videos and researching project life.  I have been working on 2012, with a renewed sense of vigor.  while i'm still doing the kids albums regular style, i'm most excited with HOPEFULLY starting project life weekly layouts soon! 

This layout i used hidden journaling by cutting a large tag out of scrap patterned paper and stapling a ring of pretty ribbon on it.  you can see below. 

This one i'm REALLY excited about! its my latest project life layout, the month of november 2012.  getting there!!!

the ones below i liked but boy, will i be glad when tax return gets here and i can buy a NEW camera!  ( not just for layouts, obviously, but it will be nice!)

Saturday, January 5, 2013

The latest....

I'll be honest.  Things are hard right now.  Things are STINKIN hard.  I'm not even remotely keeping up with my (3!!) blogs,  heck, i'm not even remotely keeping up with housework, or personal hygiene...  Someday i'll look back and this, and wish my twinnies were 3 and a half again, so i'm trying to stay in the moment as much as possible, but with Asher, (my twinnie with autism) being so incredibly demanding, i have to admit, its HARD.  He requires 24x7 care pretty much one on one, except at school, where they really have a good setup for him, he doesn't break stuff there.  Anyway, on top of that, its been one crisis after another at home, the latest- my hard drive died :(  Since my computer was only 10 months old, Hp replaced it, (OVERNIGHT! awesome service, HP!)  but i lost everything on my computer...  the last year's worth of homeschool materials i've bought are gone, most are redownloadable, but that will take a ton of time, and a good chunk are not.  I'm going to be doing some emailing, begging, pleading...  plus i lost all of the last 10 month's pictures.  Now, not entirely lost, as i'm pretty compulsive about uploading pics to walgreens, so i can get them burned to CD and back in my stash, at least most of them.  but still, it was a hit.  So i missed deadlines for most of the challenges i participated in and don't even remember where some of them were for, but here's what i've been working on!

My sweet turkey and i sent the rest of the fam off to the YMCA, and we stayed home to SCRAP!!   She took the bed, i took my desk.  Super fun, we'll have to do that more often.  Today, despite having a lot to catch up on, i really was feeling artsy and detail oriented.  

This was from my Citrus Twist December kit. and the sketch from   The brown strip of cardstock was a scrap, it had a bracket  cut out of it in a strategic place, so i used it as a design element, i pasted some extra cardstock on the back of the bracket shape, and doodled to enhance the bracket, i like how it turned out!  Also i doodled white on the wood veneer letters.  I am pleased with the embellishment clusters on this one.  i normally have a very hard time making them look good... 

This one was also made with the Citrus twist December kit, and the sunday sketch, and while i love the kit, i love the sketch, i love my twist to the sketch, i do NOT like the embellishments.  I"m not good at embellishments! WHY is that so hard!?

This one was from an Apron Strings sketch challenge- missed the deadline, but still posting! used my december citrus twist kit.  

This was a Citrus twist sketchy sunday layout from before sometime... 

And finally a challenge from somewhere- don't remember where... 

And the fam is HOME and its time for lunch! Adios all! thanks for looking! i love showing off my artistic stuffs :)