Tuesday, February 5, 2013

a few of the latest..

This month's scrapping endeavor's have been quite prolific and quite varied! though i've been crazy busy, i've really started to get the importance of taking time for my creative outlet, which is currently scrapping!  This month i've also been making a sort of mental shift... watching videos and researching project life.  I have been working on 2012, with a renewed sense of vigor.  while i'm still doing the kids albums regular style, i'm most excited with HOPEFULLY starting project life weekly layouts soon! 

This layout i used hidden journaling by cutting a large tag out of scrap patterned paper and stapling a ring of pretty ribbon on it.  you can see below. 

This one i'm REALLY excited about! its my latest project life layout, the month of november 2012.  getting there!!!

the ones below i liked but boy, will i be glad when tax return gets here and i can buy a NEW camera!  ( not just for layouts, obviously, but it will be nice!)

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