Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Streeeeeetch your scrap! coming soon!

Keep an eye out ladies! i'm preparing the first lesson in my FREE online blog class STREEEEETCH your scrap. You will not want to miss it! I'll be doing a rak giveaway by random drawing for one lucky person who uploaded their own example of my class topic. For future classes, i'll do raks or offer a sponsor prize (any scrappy company reading that wants to BE a sponsor, feel free to email me at Thanks!!

Thursday, January 24, 2008


I'm convinced that any time now my landlord could call me and say that we can start moving in! (or sign the LEASE! YIKES! making me kind of nervous that we are kicked out of here in a week and all our stuff is in boxes and we don't have a lease!) Anyway, i'm renewed and have a sense of energy and focus. The mission is nearly ready! LOL. Anyway, i'm thinking i aught to clear out the trunk and load up the first load to be delivered to the new place... that would be bins from the laundry room. Then i'll start with kitchen stuff and then closets... i've gotta take some pics. this place is a trip! what a MESS!!!

thank you all for your wonderful sweet comments. i've totally been feeling like i need a friend lately.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

still discouraged.

LOL. what a title... what more is there to say. I came to the conclusion yesterday, which was, by the way, a much better day than the day before, that i just have to maintain perspective. I can't see into the future, and if i trust God, i trust God with EVERYTHING. I have to believe that ALL this is happening because its God's best for me. It could be a LOT worse... instead of all moving to Oregon, my best friends's family could have all been killed by the drunk driver that ran them off the road the day before yesterday. I just have to maintain perspective, try not to cry on my boxes all day and have faith. My dad is coming for dinner tonight, which is probably a huge part of why i'm all out of whack today. Andy said he'd have a talk with him. I don't know why this family crap has to come up NOW, i don't have TIME for this!!!! :-( :-( My best friend's moving, my family is nonexistant, other than when they want to show up to torment me. my church is falling to peices, i'm way behind in packing, and my landlord hadn't even started the carpet cleaning in my new house when i called yesterday afternoon so who KNOWS when we will get the keys!!!! The positive- tomorrow HAS to be better than today!!!!

Monday, January 21, 2008


Boy, Things have been rough lately... its no lightning flash horrors... everyone is ok, for the most part, we are moving into our new house this week, etc. But i am just feeling so discouraged. I added a few new sidebar things that i found on Lucy's site, to kind of remind myself what is real. I've been having less than ideal results with my quest to buy furniture on craigslist... not HUGE losses but enough to really make me lose faith in humanity yk? like someone outright lying about the price of an item after we agreed to buy it, another person selling an item right out from under us... packing that never never never ends, and then twisting my ankle, reinjuring my toe that i broke a few months ago, and gouging a huge cut in my knee, all while taking out the garbage last night. I'm tired and worn out and sad, and i feel like i'm losing everything. My dad, who's incidentally the only family i have left, the rest pretty much has written me off, long story, has become someone i promised i'd not allow in my children's lives, someone who shows up on his own time schedule, at his convenience, totally focused around him, and doesn't think about the grandchildren who don't understand why grandpa's just stopping by for a second on the way to somewhere else to drop something off (all this while he's "visiting" from across the country.) I know what that's like. I've dealt with abandonment on so many different levels. And pretty much the one thing that is keeping me from telling him to not come back until he can be decent toward us is the fact that he's the ONLY family i have left.. the only link to my past. Its like, no matter how he treats us, i'm holding on so tightly because i don't want to be alone. Its hard enough coming to terms with the fact that my own mother doesn't want anything to do with me or her grandchildren. OH yeah, and i just found out my best friend is for sure moving to Oregon, the far end of Oregon. I just about cried tonight when Leify toddled over to her door (we are neighbors) and said "Aunty! Auntie!" She's almost as big of a part of his life as I am! Not to mention her dh and children, who are also like family to us. I just feel like i'm losing everything that is important to me. Thank goodness my dh is so great... I know, it will pass, everything will somehow be put back together, but right now i feel like my life is shattered to pieces. I know i need perspective, but its really hard to find it. I could really use your prayers. thanks,

Friday, January 18, 2008


Well, i really should be packing and cleaning but i just feel so rotten today! my dad is visiting and he tested my blood sugar and it was 61! yikes! so i ate some reses pieces and i'm just vegging out... its been a super long time since i posted anything and i HAVE been scrapping! so i figured i'd deluge my blog!

This is my new house! which we will be moving into sometime within a week.. you can click on it to see closer...

here's some other layouts i made...

This is my mother in law and her boyfriend

These are from my father in law's last visit

On this one i glued the ribbon, kind of pinching as i went, into the shape of the flourish. I really like how it turned out!

Here's a walk down memory lane! its my almost TEENAGER when he was 2

This is my sweet hubby and his sister way back when :-)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

how gross are you?

this was fun!! fess up! how gross are you? i was surprised since i have some major ocd tendancies!

You Are 48% Gross

You're more than a little gross, but probably no more gross than the average person.
Maybe it's time to drop some of those disgusting habits that could eventually embarrass you!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Wow, so just as soon as i announce the offering of my new class STREETCH your scrap, i have to postpone! I'm so sorry for the disappointment! My family got some exciting news. We are MOVING! A little background.... we have 5 children and currently live in a 3 bedroom townhome rental. When we moved in, it was great! It was a large townhome complex, over 300 units, Well kept up, nice neighborhood, people pushed babies around in strollers and it was very family centered. Well, fast forward a year and 2 management turnarounds and Section 8 was accepted in, which meant all the units were full, and there were a lot of scuzzy people moving in... we had racial issues too being a minority (caucasian) my brother came to visit once and was accosted and called racial slurs... our mailbox was moved like 4 blocks away, where you have to walk through one of the roughest areas of the complex, for the convenience of the post office, argh! and my 12 year old was actually mugged last summer getting the mail. The police informed us that since no one was injured that there was nothing they could do. So anyway, we've been hoping an opportunity might come up to move. Well, when my dh was taking our daughters to children's church from the main service, he found a flier posted on a bulletin board for a house for rent.. it is about the same as our rent, and only about 100 sq feet smaller, BUT it has a single story and one less bathroom so we have more actual space than you might think with 100 sq. ft. Anyway, it also has a huge fenced yard, and a big storage shed. its in an older neighborhood but not a BAD neighborhood, if that makes sense. And in what was clearly a God thing, they agreed to rent to us!! So i'm spending the next 3 weeks decluttering! The class will start (for REAL) in February! i'm so sorry for the postponement... and i could totally use any prayers you might offer for my sanity during this decluttering time, and just all the emotional stuff... my last two babies were born right in my bedroom. Change is hard, but neccessary and GOOD! Thanks for reading :-)