Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Wow, so just as soon as i announce the offering of my new class STREETCH your scrap, i have to postpone! I'm so sorry for the disappointment! My family got some exciting news. We are MOVING! A little background.... we have 5 children and currently live in a 3 bedroom townhome rental. When we moved in, it was great! It was a large townhome complex, over 300 units, Well kept up, nice neighborhood, people pushed babies around in strollers and it was very family centered. Well, fast forward a year and 2 management turnarounds and Section 8 was accepted in, which meant all the units were full, and there were a lot of scuzzy people moving in... we had racial issues too being a minority (caucasian) my brother came to visit once and was accosted and called racial slurs... our mailbox was moved like 4 blocks away, where you have to walk through one of the roughest areas of the complex, for the convenience of the post office, argh! and my 12 year old was actually mugged last summer getting the mail. The police informed us that since no one was injured that there was nothing they could do. So anyway, we've been hoping an opportunity might come up to move. Well, when my dh was taking our daughters to children's church from the main service, he found a flier posted on a bulletin board for a house for rent.. it is about the same as our rent, and only about 100 sq feet smaller, BUT it has a single story and one less bathroom so we have more actual space than you might think with 100 sq. ft. Anyway, it also has a huge fenced yard, and a big storage shed. its in an older neighborhood but not a BAD neighborhood, if that makes sense. And in what was clearly a God thing, they agreed to rent to us!! So i'm spending the next 3 weeks decluttering! The class will start (for REAL) in February! i'm so sorry for the postponement... and i could totally use any prayers you might offer for my sanity during this decluttering time, and just all the emotional stuff... my last two babies were born right in my bedroom. Change is hard, but neccessary and GOOD! Thanks for reading :-)


Stacey said...

Congrats on moving and Happy birthday!!!

noelmignon said...

Good luck Rebecca! Sounds like a positive change!