Wednesday, October 24, 2007

making 2 small pics into 1 big pic tutorial

Here is the finished project. It is one picture sized 8x6. This is a great way to make a large picture from 2 or 4 4x6 pictures. Its ideal if you have only a small photo printer, or even just because small photo papers are SO much cheaper than large ones! Enjoy!

Necessity is the mother of invention, and while i don't claim to have invented this technique, i've not seen it posted anywhere and thought i'd share! I was in a position where, i needed halloween pictures, and miraculously, i uncovered some pictures from a halloween 4 years ago that i hadn't scrapped... only problem, there was 4 of them... and only one with my daughter.... my big printer prints really lightly... not ideal for photographs, and i didn't want to just use one 4x6 picture for this one... so i came up with an idea... i went into photosmart, the software i use to edit pictures and did the following.

1. took the picture of chloe, and cut it in half, horizontally, since i wanted a horizontal picture. I was careful not to make the cut anywhere obvious, like her face or something. that left just the top half of the picture. I renamed that picture TOP (oh, so original :-) IMPORTANT: do nOT save over the original picture! make sure you rename it!!

2. then i took the original picture and cropped it at the same point as the other one, except cropping OFF the top part. i named this one "bottom"

3. then i set my printer to borderless print, so that i'd end up with 2 4x6 pictures. and printed out the top and bottom half.

4. Now, normally, i don't think it would be necessary but after peicing together the pictures, making sure they lined up right, i wrapped a ribbon around the picture on the juncture. I did that because my printer was starting to run out of ink, and the top picture was slightly lighter than the bottom. you CAN do this or you can choose not to, depending on the look you are shooting for. You couuld also cut in fourths and make a rEALLY big picture. This would also be idea for if you had PLANNED to cut the pictures into segments, like to make a layout like this one

Latest layouts...

Friday, October 19, 2007

a few quick lo's to post i ran out of photo paper... or rather, the second part of my 2 pack of ink and photo paper dissapeared into thin air. Anyway, so i found some old pictures of alex, my 12 yo, and worked on refining his album a bit... how fun that was... its remarkable looking back at baby pictures and seeing my child who's nearly a man. UN real. anyway, feel free to reminisce with me....

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

TSS Croptober fest!!

WOOHOO! who's a scrappin this weekend!? come join me over at The scrapbook site, for fun challenges, games and prizes!!! check it out here

Monday, October 15, 2007

Articles about techniques and stuff

So i was just thinking... i've got lots of great ideas and was thinking of posting articles on my blog, written by me, about techniques and scrappy ideas i've gotten from various places. Any interest in that? Any requests? any problems you've been having scrapping, or getting stuck or needing mojo or anything? Let me know! i'll probably post the first sometime today :-)

Also, here's a few layouts from last week... i'm having a GREAT time scrappin lately...

This one i made using the fantasic scrapbook circle kit i won last month! isn't this paperline luscious!!!??? i have to tell you, the picture does not even BEGIN to do this kit justice

here's another using the same kit..

i have some new one's i've made from my guest design team stint on Scrapdango
that i'm DYING to post, but i can't share them yet!!! its for next month's spice kit. go to the link above and check out this month's kits!! i get the spice one but sugar is equally scrumptious this month. my guess is that they will sell out. gorgeous!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

These are my faves from this weekend's cybercrops... thought i'd share :-) hope you all are having a wonderful week.

Friday, October 5, 2007

OT: educational books!

Check it out! she's offering 3 cool free books to whomever she draws that replies on her blog! come check it out