Wednesday, October 21, 2009


wow... its been a fantastically productive last couple weeks scrappywise! thought i'd share a few of my favorites.

This one i like how it turned out, and i love any layout that has the MIRACLE of a flattering picture of me! this has a couple so it automatically hits favorite status

Speaking of flattering pictures of me, this is my favorite picture ever, so this one will count too. And i also love the picture of elliott, where i had accidentally flung a tiny bit of icecream on his head and he made the most hillarious face! heheeh.. and the tree down in the left hand side, is symbolic- the top branch has 2 gems for me and andy, and the rest have 1 gem, except for one of the bottom ones that has 2 for the twins :-)

Ok, so this one was totally one of my new favorites.. and i really need to retake the picture on something OTHER than one of my babies' loud puppy dog blankets :-) but you get the idea..

this one was not even close to one of my favorites... actually it drove me bonkers trying to get the flowers to not pop off the page. i settled on ATG adhesive, and a pop dot in the middle of the flower and then stapled the heck out of the center. This was an idea posted to serendipity by my BFF Teresa about how to make them so that's why i'm posting this one :-)

Cards- thinking of making some sets to etsy to raise some extra funds... whatcha think??

and here's a few more that i like but don't have any comments about.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Featured on a really cool blog!

Check it out! my latest "scrap-therapy" layout was featured on this really neat blog i just discovered! They have some fantastic journaling prompts. GOOD stuff!

Friday, October 9, 2009

I got started on my Scrapperie guest design kit, the LOVELY Country Club. This is a beautiful rich LOADED kit, filled with gorgeous rich blues, browns, oranges... ahh... its heavenly. i have both the original kit, $30, and the first additional kit, $20, and its going to last me forever i think! Yet, there's so much variety within that i won't have a problem using it up... eventually.... :-) So here's what i made.

First is this one. The title is in reference to what my oldest calls one of his twin brothers. "his pet" He always brags, "I prayed for twins and God gave them to me, and Asher is my pet!" I wanted this to have a quilty homey feel so i pieced the 4 center pieces of patterned paper together and sanded the outside edges. i added the flowers and buttons, and then the rick rack for a sort of cloth-like feel.

This is just a simple address book. I'm getting ready for the Christmas holiday and needed one so i took a spare composition book and covered the front and back with patterned paper. I kept it simple because i know from experience that all the embellishments are going to either fall off or look really bad anyway!

I am WAY behind on my month in review books! so expect to be seeing more of these! This one i took the one patterned paper with the big circle design and it screamed DISHWATER to me. (LOL) so i created more bubbles, centered the paper on the dual cardstock layout and added embellies and pics and journaling around the design.

This one i had a lot of fun with. I covered the argyle like chipboard with patterned paper and the negative space i was left with I used on the lower part of the layout to mimic the design of the chipboard. I added the alpha letters to make the chipboard piece "POP"

ISn't my little sweetie precious?!? He's such a gorgeous little grump (though he's starting to cheer up and smile a lot more recently!!) i wanted the pics to steal the show on this one though i did take care to mimic the circle design. This was inspired by a sketch from the AMAZING Jana Eubank! find it here

I don't know... i'm weird i guess but the first thing i thought of when i saw that stripey paper is, "this has got to be a heart!" Like i said, weird. I know that's not a logical reaction to stripey paper! Anyhoo.. i also used ink to make a variegated color on the chipboard buttons. I started by inking the whole button one color, then i took a complimentary color and blended it into only one side of the button. then i took another color and did the same to the other side. It makes for a subtle or dramatic variegation, depending on the colors you choose. I was shooting for subtle.

So, that's all i have so far, but i will be uploading more as i make more! fun fun stuff. I don't know if there's any kits left, but if there is, you aught to snatch those babies up! WELL worth the money.
Scrapperie Country Club Kit
Also check out October's kit.. its LUSCIOUS!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

SUPER exciting news!!

I got word last night that i won the September guest designer contest at
how exciting is that!? I'm looking forward to November where i get to guest design on their message boards, post challenges etc. And i'm hoping to be a blessing and get to know new people etc. And how exciting to get chosen!! I won with this layout

I will post some more of my recent creations, IF There's time as well as posting for sure my layouts created with my current guest design team position at scrapperie on the 7th which is reveal day :-)