Wednesday, October 21, 2009


wow... its been a fantastically productive last couple weeks scrappywise! thought i'd share a few of my favorites.

This one i like how it turned out, and i love any layout that has the MIRACLE of a flattering picture of me! this has a couple so it automatically hits favorite status

Speaking of flattering pictures of me, this is my favorite picture ever, so this one will count too. And i also love the picture of elliott, where i had accidentally flung a tiny bit of icecream on his head and he made the most hillarious face! heheeh.. and the tree down in the left hand side, is symbolic- the top branch has 2 gems for me and andy, and the rest have 1 gem, except for one of the bottom ones that has 2 for the twins :-)

Ok, so this one was totally one of my new favorites.. and i really need to retake the picture on something OTHER than one of my babies' loud puppy dog blankets :-) but you get the idea..

this one was not even close to one of my favorites... actually it drove me bonkers trying to get the flowers to not pop off the page. i settled on ATG adhesive, and a pop dot in the middle of the flower and then stapled the heck out of the center. This was an idea posted to serendipity by my BFF Teresa about how to make them so that's why i'm posting this one :-)

Cards- thinking of making some sets to etsy to raise some extra funds... whatcha think??

and here's a few more that i like but don't have any comments about.

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