Wednesday, December 1, 2010


You might have noticed, (or probably not!) that I am now a free agent, with no full-time Design Team responsiblities. Which is ok. I have more time to get other stuff done I guess. That means that I have room in my schedule for ONE and ONLY ONE full time design team position, so if you'd like me to design for your company, shoot me an email! I have a guest DT spot lined up for January, and one potentially for February, but I am still fine with a full time position. I LOVE to scrap and would love to show off your wares :-)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Paper Variety challenge

Just popping in to share a new layout for a challenge that I did posted at The Paper Variety I used my fabulous October Scrapbook Sussies kit

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Did you use your mesh??

In your Scraptastic Halloween kit?? I know when I recieved my kit, i thought... "Hmmm...." and then i got several ideas... I'm posting them here, in addition to a super fast step by step layout including the mesh, using the Nightmare on my street kit.

Using mesh

1. cut into strips and use like ribbon, or weave, braid or knot them.
2. use like a mask over a piece of paper and spray glimmer mist on it.
3. cut into circles kind of catty wompus like and compbine with already made flowers to make a cool homemade layered flower!
4. cover a piece of cardstock with it and paint over it to make a cool textured background.

Can you think of any others? Here's a hint- don't try to use it as a cool lens filter on your camera. I tried that, at different distances from the lens- CAN'T get it to work, even though it SOUNDS like it would be super cool!!!

Ok, so here is my step by step project. When you finish, you will have a layout that looks something like this

So first you start with a stapler, I used my fabulous long armed stapler, a sheet of paper or cardstock, appx 12x12 of mesh, and a piece of ribbon long enough to wrap around the mesh, whatever size you choose. mine is about 9x9 after I cut it, though I just eyeballed it.

Once you've gathered all you need to make the base of the layout, place the mesh on top of the paper, decide where to start your ribbon, and staple one end of the ribbon down. Using the side of the paper as a guide, estimate how far to go with the ribbon, and staple it down. I did so on the end, and the middle, and when i reached the corner, i stapled down the ribbon, and wrapped the ribbon around the staple which nicely concealed the staple, though the ribbon that was included in the kit was nice and frilly so it hid the staples anyway, just letting them peek out a little :)

Trim around the ribbon, leaving some extra to hang out.

Next, i added the picture and some embellies. I sewed on the buttons, because i thought it would be cuter, and hold better with the mesh.

Finally, i doodled under the mesh to add more dimension


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

This is what happens....

when i'm pretty badly scrappily deprived. I've not scrapped since... like 5 or 6 days ago. Yep, an eternity. So here i am, with my creative outburst. What do you think? Oh and just a note. this is the day 5 sketch from sketch class. I can't share the sketch because its a paid class that i was fortunate enough to win! yay!!! anyway, its a super simple sketch. And my scrap room just seemed to blow up all over it, but i like it!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

So cool!

My layout "raw red potatoes" was featured on Allison Davis' blog today! Every once in a while she posts layouts that were made with their amazing sketches! i can't even WAIT to be able to buy these sketch books!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My August and September SCRAPTASTIC DT pages!!

Wow, i'm sure late posting these! It all happened so fast! i joined the DT, then I recieved my first kit in the mail a couple days later, then a few more days later my September kit came! so in addition to Homeschooling, taking care of the babies, and all my other stuff, i've been scrapping like a mad woman!! Here's what i made with my first kit, the August "He's so Rock and Roll" kit seen here

And here is September- I used the Alphabet Soup Boys' kit. seen here And i LOVE LOVE LOVED this kit! i still have plenty left too so more will be coming...

Scrapbook Sussies

i have heard the raves about Scrapbook Sussies since their inception a few years ago. Being on a constant spending freeze, i've not had as much opportunity to try out some of the GREAT kit clubs that are out there, but Scrapbook Sussies has remained steadily on my radar for quite some time. It doesn't help that i have a friend who often sells me mystery boxes that usually contain partial Sussies kits! AAK! so i have several partial kits and i tend to use them up super fast.. good stuff! Anyway, today i'm buying one!!! Lara posted a contest to her blog that you should all totally go check out! She's giving away 2 3 MONTH SUBS!!! I'm eager to WIN this baby or at least try really hard. You should give it a shot too!!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

I'm feeling SCRAPTASTIC!

Because i was just invited yesterday to join the Scraptastic Design team! Have you heard of Scraptastic? Its a great new kit club with (count them!)4 kits each month!! Wowzers! Here's a link

So check out the beautiful kits, and the sneak peeks for next month are AMAZING! if you click on the picture you can see what is included. Also check out the winner's spot for the monthly contest! You could win your choice of a monthly Scraptastic kit!!

Oh and finally, Check out the blogs of the ladies i'm humbled to get to work with on the design team, on the right sidebar of this blog. WOW. I'm afraid Heather and I don't quite fit in to the "J" theme, but that's ok :-)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Finally sharing!

Wow, i've been awful about updating! well, here's a bunch of layouts i made in the last few weeks that i'm excited to share.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Scraptacular challenge!

Hey all! check out the Scraptacular Message board for a chance at a great prize!!! I'm new there, but thoroughly enjoyed the challenge I did. I chose the July 4-10 challenge of Lisa's to use a die cut paper on 2 layouts. here's the ones i made.

Monday, June 7, 2010


i was so excited to see my layout "Elliot's super fun game" featured as a favorite on the "scrap that baby blog!!!

see here

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Totally a slacker.

So i've been scrapping like crazy and i just haven't posted here in ages... i have SEVERAL overdue posts on the way, but I thought i'd post this one really quick. its Monday's challenge from the Apron Strings blog It is using my April Smaller than a Breadbox kit, which is awesome, and i've gotten tons of layouts out of, but this particular page kit had me stumped. BUT, when i looked at the pics i captured of Chloe in her clown hat weilding a portion of our kitchen mop, gallavanting all over the culdesac with her posse, the other kvenvolden kids, i knew these papers would be PERFECT. This layout also features homemade lace flowers made by me, i just took lace ribbon, made a running stitch, pulled tight and sewed on a button.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Guest DT! Memorable Seasons

Ok, so i was SO stinking excited to get chosen as the guest design team member at Memorable seasons! i'll post the layout that I used as the submission, but first a little about Memorable Seasons. Jill Coody is the owner, and she is just the sweetest, kindest person. And what's more- her sales are A*M*A*Z*I*N*G. Seriously. here's a LINK It is a big store, so I find it helpful to follow this pattern when i shop there. First, i check the newly arrived section, checking each day carefully. Some are brand new items, and others are new to the store items that are marked down BIG TIME. Next i check the "May Bon Voyage" or whatever is the month. Then i check "Weekly Sales" Then i try to not spend all our grocery money :-) Anyway, check it out! and if you do place an order, please tell Jill that Rebecca sent you!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My week in the life album!!!!

in case you've been living under a ROCK (or at least aren't involved in online scrapbooking boards :-) you would know that Ali Edwards has started the phenomena of the week in the life album. I was hesitant to start, but it came together beautifully and FAST. I assembled the whole thing in one afternoon/evening!! I got Ideas from Ali's blog and also from the All Sam's Idea blog

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Today's Couture Cardstock layout

i really like this one :-) the challenge was to use at least 2 circles, which you can see, i nailed :-D I also used a sketch from Scrapperie, designed by Amy Teets which you can see here
And i also used a Paper posies kit and did this week's challenge here and of course, the Personal scrapper crop challenge to use diecuts in a unique way. (i used the edge of a die cut paper as a background element in the upper right

Friday, March 12, 2010

Today's Couture Cardstock layout

Was to use the word "Spring" on a layout. And i knew exactly what pictures i'd use! Last month we had a LOT of fab spring weather. El Nino has been good to use this year. so i created this one. I also used this for a challenge at Serendipity scrapbooks for using the pinwheels, and Apron Strings
for using 5 specific items and even Personal Scrapper Also for using the word "Spring" So I gotta tell ya, i'm feeling quite like the queen of multitasking today, and am afraid i might spend more time uploading to all these places than i did scrapping the layout... but ces la vie! :-) :-) Anyway, here's the layout, and another one i made today that i really like :-)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Today's Couture Cardstock layout

WAHOO! yesterday I WON!!!! :-)

So i'm posting today's real quick inbetween feeding one baby and dressing another... today's challenge- use buttons. This is not a problem for me.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Couture Cardstock giveaway!

here's my layout i made for today's challenge- to use pastel colors. Hoping my burst of red is ok :-)

Anyway, here's the blog address where they are doing a daily giveaway, and a BIG one at the end of the month!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

My scrappy space!!!

Wanna see?!? its still a bit of a mess but i finished moving it a few weeks ago from one corner of my bedroom into my closet, it was a HUGE improvement for my bedroom. I have slightly more space but mostly it just looks a lot nicer!! You can click on the pictures for a closer view.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

A tutorial for a cool layout using cruddy pictures.

I just made a layout that turned out really cute and thought i'd post a tutorial.

1. First of all, i saw this sketch at Lucy Chesna's sketch site, and had a picture in my mind of exactly where i wanted to go with it.

So first, i sought out a link posted by my BFF Teresa, and managed to actually FIND it. Its directions for making your own bracket paper


2. Ok, so next, i took some light brown cardstock, folded and cut out the bracket shape. I estimated too big adn was left with a cool bracket outline shape i'll use on a different layout.

3. Then i cut a few pics up and overlapped all over the bracket shape.

4. i cut around the edges along the wrong side and then figured i'd mat it on dark brown cardstock to make it stand out a bit. Then i added pop dots between the mat and the picture covered bracket shape.

5. I chose a pretty vintagey Prima paper for the background. I spritzed with red glimmer mist, to accent my friend Heather's shirt, in the pics, and pull it all together.

6. I let it dry- mostly- and then adhered the shape along with the flowers and stickers for embellishment.

I think it turned out super cute! This would be a great way of using cruddy pictures. The ones I took at the baby shower were really dark, and just plain boring!

here's the finished result

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Apronstrings Birthday party!

Woohoo! well, after the December sketch challenges ended, i was glad to ggo back to another month long challenge series! you can find it here at the Apron Strings Blog I'll be posting my creations here, and if you think you can take me on, BRING IT ON, SISTA! :-)
here's the rules- cut and pasted from the blog

Yep, it's Apron Strings' birthday today!! Five years ago today the first kits went live (see below) -- autoship would follow two months later. Oh the changes in just the last five years - not only in what I've learned, the way that Apron Strings has grown and all the fantastic members I've met both face-to-face and online, but changes in the scrapbook industry as well (two of the companies in those first Apron Strings kits are gone now.) :( However, I'm proud that not only is Apron Strings still around and going strong, where others have closed, but in the wonderful club it has grown into.

Okay, while it's fun, and often funny, to look back that's enough sentiment because there's more fun to be had in the celebration that will continue all month long, here on the blog. And while I love me some presents (just ask my husband, LOL), presents are going out to you all who play along.

"How can I get some presents?" you may be asking. Here are the ways you can enjoy Apron Strings' birthday month!

1. Participate in the challenges each week -- one winner will be chose from those who complete each challenge during the week.

2. At least one (I'm not decided yet) overall winner will be chosen from those who complete all the challenges during the month.

3. One random winner will be chosen from those who do at least one challenge from each week - you only need to complete one challenge from the week to be eligible for this random drawing.

4. If you're a "follower" of the blog, you could be chosen as a winner. If you haven't registered as a follower, now's the time, it could pay off in a Birthday Cookie Treat. (Spread the love and tell a friend who may not be following.)

Ok, so here's mine so far, editing to add new creations

DAY 1- This used a TTT kit from i think November of 2006- i THINK my oldest kit, or pretty close.

Day 2- LOOOOOVE this layout :)

Day 3- love it, and did not so much love the long, drawn out experience of scanning and stitching with PSE. I'm going to HAVE to figure out a faster program to use becuase this will drive me mad, and we get little to no sunlight this time of year for using the camera!!

Days 4 and 5

Day 6

Day 7

Day 8

Day 9

Day 10

Day 11

Day 12

Day 13

day 14

Day 15

Day 16

Day 17

Day 18

Day 19

Day 20