Saturday, March 6, 2010

My scrappy space!!!

Wanna see?!? its still a bit of a mess but i finished moving it a few weeks ago from one corner of my bedroom into my closet, it was a HUGE improvement for my bedroom. I have slightly more space but mostly it just looks a lot nicer!! You can click on the pictures for a closer view.


Lori said...

Lookin' good! You're doing a great job - what's left to do but hide away in there and crop in peace!

Amanda said...

Looks like a fun creative place!!!

I was on the Scrap That Baby site and saw your Mom-to-be's gorgeous!! Where did you get that stamp? It's so pretty!!

Rebecca Kvenvolden said...

Amanda, AAK! i'm so sorry! i don't know how i missed your post!! and i'm not sure if it was me who's card you were referring to... i noticed my layout "heather's shower" was featured in march... but there wasn't a stamp on it... (i'm a stamp COLLECTOR! LOL) sorry!