Wednesday, January 23, 2008

still discouraged.

LOL. what a title... what more is there to say. I came to the conclusion yesterday, which was, by the way, a much better day than the day before, that i just have to maintain perspective. I can't see into the future, and if i trust God, i trust God with EVERYTHING. I have to believe that ALL this is happening because its God's best for me. It could be a LOT worse... instead of all moving to Oregon, my best friends's family could have all been killed by the drunk driver that ran them off the road the day before yesterday. I just have to maintain perspective, try not to cry on my boxes all day and have faith. My dad is coming for dinner tonight, which is probably a huge part of why i'm all out of whack today. Andy said he'd have a talk with him. I don't know why this family crap has to come up NOW, i don't have TIME for this!!!! :-( :-( My best friend's moving, my family is nonexistant, other than when they want to show up to torment me. my church is falling to peices, i'm way behind in packing, and my landlord hadn't even started the carpet cleaning in my new house when i called yesterday afternoon so who KNOWS when we will get the keys!!!! The positive- tomorrow HAS to be better than today!!!!


Colleen said...

Just keep remembering, one day at a time and God is in control.

I know not always easy to remember.

MgoBlue said...

Awe...hope things start getting better for you. I've only moved once and to say it's stressful is an understatement. Just try to enjoy each day. Think of going to visit oregon or having your friend come back to visit you. Try to remain positive :)