Thursday, January 24, 2008


I'm convinced that any time now my landlord could call me and say that we can start moving in! (or sign the LEASE! YIKES! making me kind of nervous that we are kicked out of here in a week and all our stuff is in boxes and we don't have a lease!) Anyway, i'm renewed and have a sense of energy and focus. The mission is nearly ready! LOL. Anyway, i'm thinking i aught to clear out the trunk and load up the first load to be delivered to the new place... that would be bins from the laundry room. Then i'll start with kitchen stuff and then closets... i've gotta take some pics. this place is a trip! what a MESS!!!

thank you all for your wonderful sweet comments. i've totally been feeling like i need a friend lately.


Jackie said...

Keep on keeping your eyes on God, he won't fail you. Keep the faith girl, God never closes a door without opening a window.

Carrie said...

Hang in there! You have to trust that we all go through hard times and they ALWAYS get better. You have proven yourself resilient and you will move through this time too, learning and growing.