Monday, August 11, 2008

Homeschool product reviews.

Hey all! You might be surprised to see this post, since this is, after all, my scrappy blog, not my homeschool blog. However, knowing how many scrappers are homeschoolers, i figured i'd go ahead and post my homeschool content here along with my scrappy stuff until i get around to updating my actual homeschool blog. I know that many of you who homeschool or are considering it will find this useful.

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine is easily the most comprehensive homeschool specific magazine on the market. I've been recieving it for a couple of years and greatly enjoy having a subscription. Its totally worth WELL over what they charge for it, and you get all kinds of amazing bonuses for joining. I spend hours perusing the pages, earmarking pages that have links i want to check out on the computer, and often refer back to back issues for something i remember reading way back when. My issues are VERY well loved. That's actually probably a diplomatic way of saying it. My magazines tend to look like the Tasmanian devil ate some cheesecake off of them. That's fine! i'm glad they are getting use!
But i was definately intriqued when TOS introduced a new digital version of their awesome magazine. I wondered whether it would be beneficial to order a digital version of the same magazine. When i was given the opportunity to test and review the new digital magazine, i jumped at the opportunity. And WOW, i'm entirely sold now!! The digital version is a DREAM to browse. When you open up the download you can see the magazine as if you were holding it in your hands. you can turn the pages, you can do a search for particular words, to help you find a topic you'd normally be shuffling through magazines for in the past. You can archive past issues, click on a link in the magazine and be brought DIRECLY to the link's web location, email a friend an article, and on and on! Its so very cool!

And if that was not enough, you get all the bonus goodies just for joining. And i have to tell you, after doing several of these deals, i was excited to see several that were NEW and i had not already used!! Very cool. i got at least triple the value of my subscription in freebies alone, and that's considering i've subscribed before and gotten a lot of the freebies. If you have not ever subbed, or at least not taken advantage of as many subscriptiion freebies as me, you will have the most amazing wealth of goodies on your hands. SO COOL! Also, they are now digital, so NO CARDS TO SEND IN! Woohoo!!!

Anyway, don't take my word for it. Right now the summer issue is available for FREE on their website. Acquaint yourself with the format and browse away! If you decide to subscribe, you will get another back issue of your choice, in addition you will receive the 25 free gifts, valued at over $550 and of course a year's subscription! You will receive all this for only $16.95. So, give it a shot!! And stay tuned to my blog, because soon i'll be reviewing the amazing Schoolhouse planner.. I wanted to have it reviewed and posted by now but its so overwhelmingly substantial, i've barely scratched the surface!

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