Thursday, August 14, 2008


Wow... today is the pay the piper day!!! after being sick as a dog yesterday, having a sick 9yo and sick baby, today i'm back to my normal perky self and wow, trying to make up for ONE SINGLE day of sick! its crazy! even with a super helpful 13 yo, it reminds me how necessary i am in the whole grand scheme of things!!! Today i have a ton to do, starting with my disaster of a house! we are getting things semi- ok, then i hope to put in a couple of requisitions for school stuff, and i'm REALLY hoping to scrap today! i am just craving sitting down at my desk and playing with everything, then maybe making something, LOL. Tonight, i'm hoping to talk dh into us going to costco and getting dinner there, since friday is payday and we could write a check :-) not getting many groceries there though, i'm going to try to use coupons more and shop sale fliers.. i HATE shopping and costco is so appealingly EASY but i'm finding we really need to make some financial adjustments and this is probably the best way to do that. have you all seen money saving mom blog? i'm hoping to figure out how to get all our toiletries and stuff free at Walgreens, which happens to be CLOSE, like within walking distance of our house. Sadly we do NOT have a CVS which seems awesome too. Anyone have any good tips, resources, links to share regarding frugality, homemaking etc? i've gotten a lot of good ebooks being on an ebook binge at Currclick annd the The Old Schoolhouse store which btw, has a TON of good stuff on sale! Anyway, i should run! time for lunch! I hope you all have a wonderfully blessed day!!

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