Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Another Review!

As I mentioned in an earlier post. I was given the amazing opportunity to test 2 new products introduced by The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. I reviewed the digital magazine subscription a couple of posts ago, and saving the best for last, i will share with you the Peice de resistance: the end all, be all of homeschool planners, The Schoolhouse planner Now, if you are like me, when you saw the price tag of $39 you may have resembled the Aflac duck when encountering sticker shock pumping gas (QUUUUAAAAAACCCCCCCCCHH???) However what i didn't realize when considering that was how complex and integrated the whole thing is. The planner is 247 pages long. It includes pretty much any planning page you'd want, and cool double page monthly calendar pages for each month from July 2008 Through June 2009. BUT on top of that, there's EXCELLENT articles from a variety of celebs in the homeschool world, including Amanda Bennett, Amy Pak, Janice Campbell, and others, All experts in their fields. There's also cool fact sheets on topics such as presidents of the US, Periodic table of elements, and at the end of the first section, a comprehensive segment filled with historical documents, such as the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, etc. Then each month also has recipes, good, simple recipes that i'm convinced we will actually MAKE. And it also has activities for the themes of the month that are listed there and a list of other resources that would go well with the monthly topic. Now, please do review the contents listed on the link above, becuase I didn't even come close to listing them all, just what jumped out at ME personally.

So overall, would I reccommend this product to purchase at full price? YES! I absolutely would, and here's why: As a frugal one income family kind of lady, i would normally balk at spending so much on an EBOOK. HOWEVER, in this case, i feel that really, this product is like several ebooks in one. You have basic planning pages, calendar pages, recipes, articles, fact sheets and more. Each could have been its own ebook, but instead it was combined, which is FAR better, in my opinion because all the work has been done for you. I know its pretty easy to find free forms and resources online, but if you are like me, you will save and save and save and never actually put anything together to acutally USE and then consequently, have a scattered, disorganized year, and vow that the NEXT year you will get organized! How about making THIS that year and save yourself some stress and in the long run, some money in the process? Again, here's the link for the SCHOOLHOUSE PLANNER

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