Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Scrappy therapy

Have i mentioned how therapeutic scrapping is? There's something about taking your fears and concerns and inner thoughts and putting them on paper that just makes it that much easier to release them. Its a closure thing i think... When i find that i've prayed and prayed and prayed and talked to dh endlessly, and talked to friends, and still can't seem to get past something, its time to scrap it. That is why last night i made "Grieving an invisible person" Now i must warn you, if you have a history of miscarraige or are really sensitive, you might not want to look at this. I wrote a poem and its very direct, i think and i'd hate to stir up issues in anyone, but i wanted to share 1. for the benefit of potentially helping someone else learn to scrap therepeutically, and 2. for the purpose of finishing the closure process for me (and of course what good is making something if you don't SHOW others! :)

Anyway, here it is. you can click on the picture to see the poem better.


Julie said...

This turned out beautiful!


teresamatz said...

oh, I am so glad that you scrapped this! I was really sad when I talked to you and you said that you had no desire to scrap.
Love you

Sangeeta said...

a very beautiful layout.

Gina said...

Hugs, again.