Friday, June 15, 2007


Today is a GOOD day. I'm really appreciating my life today. I LOVE that i'm able to homeschool. We've had SUCH a fun morning... laughing at my sentence examples in spelling, science was pretty wacky too.... Alex and his "anus" jokes, ARGH! gotta love 12yo boy humor!

OH and one of my layouts was featured in the scrapbook site newsletter, which i'm super excited about!!! if you want to see, go here
and click on june cooordinates newsletter. its on the last page. this site btw is awesome! the newsletters ROCK. LOTS of great ideas, and the kits are perfect, just the right size.. just the right price... man, i'm getting SO much mileage out of my phoebe BG kit! it just keeps GOING and going! (Not affiliated, other than being a happy customer.)

anyway, thought i'd include a pic of the layout that was published in that newsletter :-) cause i like it :-D

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