Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Can't forget yesterday's month in review!!

ARgh! i can't figure out how to make these side by side!! no one has EVER accused me of being a technological genius But anyway, this is April, a month in review, for my month in review album. I got the idea from Brenda Carpenter on the scrap room boards http://www.scrap-room.com Where she created a 2 pg layout using her scrap room kits, of each month. Well, i scrap so MUCH that its easy to get lost in an album and miss the big picture. This is a GREAT way to keep that big picture, AND find more to scrap, if you tend to run out of pictures, like crazy old me :-) at the end of the year, i'll have a book that we can look back on and see all the major events in our lives, and some minor ones too, i love it! I'll keep posting those as i complete them.

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