Monday, February 11, 2008

Stretch your scrap, week 2- Alternative Journaling

Last week we discussed detailed journaling and how that can make a huge impact in your scrapbooks and in your posterity. Today, i wanted to focus on other ways to get your point across without writing an essay. Let's face it, its not always practical OR necessary to write a huge amount, so what are some creative ways you can express yourself with brevity? consider a few layouts.

i created this layout ages ago, but i'm using it as an example to show that nothings off limits as far as journaling! Journal on your flowers, journal on your pictures, journal on anything! Journal around stuff, journal under stuff, just do it! Ask someone else to write a note for you to include in your book and then just adhere it right to the page! Take a normal strip and make it funky by making it jagged or wavy like here

if your patterned paper is too busy to SEE the journaling, use journaling blocks or paint a blob on the paper and journal right on the dried paint! here's an example

GET FUNKY! journal a bunch of random facts all mixed up like here

i had an idea for a layout which i'd hoped to have gotten done by now, but i just wasn't able to make that happen so you'll have to take my word for it but i thought a really neat way to journal would be to write a poem about something... ideally something mundane.. like sitting outside watching the kids play, and use that as journaling.

I think my favorite of all alternative journaling techniques though is journaling lyrics. I'm including a few examples because i couldn't decide which got the point across better...

There's about a billion ways you can take journaling to new levels. What are some things that YOU do to make your journaling unique or interesting? Please post if you have any ideas! i'd love to get a dialogue going! also anyone who creates a newly created example of creative alternative journaling will be entered in my weekly rak prize. NO ONE entered last week, so your odds are pretty good of winning! Please do give it a shot and post examples! i'd love to see what you all create!

With that i'm going to cut this class short. I've been a bit busy this weekend, and didn't have the chance to go into as much detail as i would have liked. Nonetheless, i hope this was helpful to you and please come back next week!

God Bless,


Suzanne said...

Love all the tips Rebecca! I've journaled on flower petals before, very COOL! Love all your layouts, as usual. :-)

Anonymous said...

Rebecca you are so good at this, Your LOs rock girl.