Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Class #3 The title is WHAT? (creative titling in action)

Hi All! Thanks so much for reading and participating in my blog class! Don't forget that if you leave a comment and include a link to a project/layout you've made using the class, you will be eligible for a rak drawing the following tuesday! So far there's been NO entrants! so your chances are GOOD! :-)

This week has been NUTS. Well, the whole month of February, and some of January too. We just moved, and pretty much all of February we've been mutating some virus or other back and forth. Its been miserable. so we are consciously airing out the house once a day, eating more whole foods, praying and hoping for NO MORE SICK! AT any rate, due to the vomit party at my house last weekend, i'm a bit behind in class time, so i'm keeping this one short too. Nonetheless, i hope it is helpful, and please post any suggestions or comments you have, as well as links to a completed project so i can send someone goodies this week!!

Today i wanted to broach the subject of titling your layouts. I at least, find it so common to sit there with layout in front of me, and think "Christmas 2007" Man, that is BORING! I love looking at layouts i did with clever titles. It just makes them pop out at you. In particular if you are looking to get published it might make for a great eye catcher! I'm posting this with some trepidation, because if you were to look at my gallery, you'd see a lot of boring titles. Sometimes there just isn't a great, knock ya dead, title out there. Sometimes you want the journaling or the photo to be what sucks a viewer into your layout, but if not, a creative title can be just what you need to add a bit of "oomph" to your work! Here's a few examples of ones i've made that I thought had really good titles.

When you are thinking of creative titles to make here's a few ideas.

- Use the name of a song, television show, movie.

- Use a common expression or adapt it slightly to meet the needs of your layout, such as "feeling poolish"

- Take advantage of creative of creative surroundings, such as in "Grandpa caught a BIG one!" and "he eats sand"

any ideas to share?? post as a reply!!

Thanks for reading!


Suzanne said...

He Eats Sand... ROFL! Love it! Love all the layouts. I guess I didn't read too good about submitting layouts. I actually did a layout with last weeks class. Oh well, new week, right? :-D Now to think...

Stacey said...

Love your ideas!! I need to get better with titles-I usually do the boring ones. LOL

Jon said...
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jason said...
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Mezik said...
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nebraskaparkfan said...

here is mine. I have a tendency toward song titles and was a long ago donny osmond fan.


Suzanne said...

Hey Rebecca, told ya I'd get to it! LOL Here's the link, the second layout. It was a stretch for me. http://oscrappyday.blogspot.com/2008/03/new-layouts.html