Monday, September 10, 2007


Well, i'm definately feeling like my title today! i'm so zonked out! we've had guests since friday and have been packing massive amounts of activity into a small amount of time, and i was totally sucked in by the rocking kits meow cybercrop and stayed up way late to get as many layouts done as possible. you know, the who needs sleep mentality?? Well, that indeed is some kind of crazy, and i'm totally feeling it! but i did do a couple of layouts that i REALLY like and wanted to share!

I'm working on an alphabet book for annabeth, and this is a picture of my best friend's dh, which somehow got blobbed with something pink and glittery, WHILE up high out of the reach of little hands! argh! anyway, i like the design of it.... i'll repace the pic someday...

Ok, this one, the letters totally make it! they are transparency stickers by chatterbox i think... been hanging on to them forever and then found the perfect use for them. i love how you can see the pictures through them. i traced around for definition

And last but not least, i love this one because it really captures the inquisitiveness of my sweet leify :-)

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