Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Mini vent

Do you ever just feel OLD, and TIRED?? My baby is getting molars... he's got a huge hunk of skin that's poked out where his tooth now is... he's grumpy and irritable and not sleeping well, and all of the above applies to me as well! At least we cosleep, or i swear i'd be DEAD by now from having to get up and nurse him... i'm convinced one CAN die of exhaustion even though its not yet happened to me ;-) My dh is at a baseball game with the guys, Leif is totally wigging and wanting to sit on my lap and nurse and get into my scrap stuff, and i just want to be a PERSON, not someone's mommy, not someone's wife, just a PERSON. Overall, i love my job. Its the most fulfilling job i could imagine, but it never ends. and i'm TIRED! Thanks for listening, vent over, now i'll stop whining and get on with my neverending duties!

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Cindy said...

I can so relate even tho those nursing days are over and mine are both big kids (14 and 10). Seems like I still am always grasping for person time. Instead, I'm a wife, mother, chauffer, referee, clock, calendar, maid, washer woman, cook, accountant, party planner, tutor... oh it just goes on and on! Take care - things will get better (sometimes).