Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Ways of reusing those ubiquitous picture envelopes

You know those envelopes that you get from wherever you get your pictures developed that tend to scatter all around your scrappy space?  Well, i hate throwing them away, but usually just do to maintain space in my scrappy area.  I've always used them to sort photos till they make it to my actual photo sorting system, which is this- 

I get a couple a year at costco and am gradually getting caught up sorting my decades of photos.  

However, being prone to procrastination as i am, i don't get the pictures in there immediately.  And i've always sorted them in envelopes by month.  Today i figured out i could ALSO make little folders out of them and sort within the month by event, for busier times of the year like this.  See?? i'm pretty excited about this.  

Someday I may possibly clean off my desk.  :) maybe. 

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