Wednesday, December 9, 2009

December daily

This is something fairly new to me... i tried a couple years ago to do a daily in September, and i partly succeeded, but THIS YEAR i'm convinced i'm going to succeed!!! i HAVE to. That's all there is to it.

The idea of the album is that you record the events of a day, and feature a photograph to represent the day. I have done the first 5days and have been journaling the other ones while i wait for the pictures. Anyway, here's some pictures of what i've been making. Keep in mind that sometimes the pages show peeks into past or future pages since they are all different sizes, some as big as 6x12 some as small as 4x6.

here's what i did.... and keep in mind, i borrowed much of this from a gal on willow traders so i'm not the genius :-)

1. took a KI memories sheer delights and cut it in half to make the covers mine is the scalloped polka dot (that I won in one of the challenges AGES ago, thank you Kristen!!) seen here, scroll down ... ights.html

2. then i took a maya road album that i'd not used yet that was made with tabbed chipboard and 5 binder rings and scavenged the rings off it. I'll replace them later, i just didn't want to have to buy anything to make this since i don't have any money.

3. so i used the chipboard cover as a template for punching holes in the front and back cover of the sheer delight. Then i put in some white heart shaped eyelets- the only big size eyelets in a matching color that i had, to support the holes in the cover better.

4. then i cut papers down to various shapes, sizes, scallops, circles, brackets, plus used tags, envelopes etc, as pages. i left it a few days short because i plan on inserting memorabilia to act as half the day page for like the kids Christmas programs etc.

Here's a pic of one of the inside spreads. I'm going to add pics, journaling and embellies, of course

here's the pages, in order... hopefully! i'm in a hurry and need to get off the computer!

A few notes- i used a bunch of leftovers from various kits, most are from a Scenic route kit from over a year ago from Transparent touches and tags, but its a pretty big assortment. I really enjoyed using glimmer mist. I primarily used it to cover the backsides of some of the patterned paper, like the first page spread, but it was so much fun i did some other parts too. i love the cool airbrushed look of it.


Becky said...

Love, love, love your Dec Daily! Love the fun size and all the GM :)

Janine Rachau said...

Now I know what to do with my K1 Sheers,...thanks! ....and, your doing a great job wth the daily. I seriously cannot even get myself to take a photo a day, and I am motivated more when scrapping all over the place time seem to have come up with a great way to tweak it to your needs,...totally inspirational.

BabyBokChoy said...

Beautiful Dec Daily!! So so so awesome!! It is really inspirational, it really makes me wish that I had done one!!

lisaplus5 said...

that is great Rebecca! your little boys are getting so big! i loved reading the tib bits i could! thank you for sharing!

Melanie Stanczyk said...

I am so jealous you have a Dec Daily! Yours looks great, I wish I had one.

I hope you share the inside pages when your finished!

Amy Bender said...

Looks cute! TFS! Keep up the great work :)

Tali212 said...

This looks awesome. I love the variety of pages. very cute.

Nathalie said...

This is awesome Rebecca!!! I love the eclectic look that it has! You totally make it look easy to do too!!!

just jennifer said...

looks like you'v been busy! beautiful!

Rebecca In MI said...

This is so cute! I am going to keep this in mind for next year! Maybe if I start thinking about it now I can actually do it! I'm amazed at how much you get done!